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What Does It Take to Become a Swim Instructor?

Lots of people dream about finding a way to turn their passion into something they can do for a living. Do you love to swim? If so, have you ever considered becoming a swim instructor? Swim instructors teach people life-saving skills, which can be a rewarding experience. So what does it take to become one?

Training and Experience

There are a few things a good swim instructor needs to know. First and foremost, they must know how to swim at an expert level. They should be familiar with swimming to the point that they can adapt their instructions to swimmers of different abilities and personalities. Lifeguard certification is ideal, as it assures students and families that the instructor knows how to keep people safe in the water. Experience teaching may be preferable to some, but sometimes newer instructors have more engaging energy, which can also be beneficial.

Good People Skills

As an instructor, you’ll be working closely with your students. To teach them effectively, you need to have good people skills. You’ll need these skills to work well with the families of your students as well. Swim instructors must be able to communicate clearly, listen effectively, and cater to the needs of different students so they can understand what is being taught. To that end, patience and a certain level of creativity are a must.

Reliability and Availability

Instructors need to be both reliable and available, just as you would expect for any other job you take on. If you say you’re going to be available for lessons at any given time, you must be there on time, if not early, and be ready to go when the lessons are meant to start. Instructors who don’t teach through a specific program may set their schedule, while those who work with a program will be expected to follow the program’s schedule and hours. Regardless, being available as appropriate and showing up when you say you will is imperative for any would-be swim instructor.

If you’re an avid swimmer and want to turn your passion into a profession, becoming a swim instructor might be a good option for you. Even those who aren’t currently strong swimmers can, with time and effort, become swim instructors. If you’ve ever wanted a job where what you do could make a life-saving difference, becoming a swim instructor could be the perfect position to pursue.

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