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Angola Wins Gold Medal At Adapted International Meeting

Luanda — The National Athletics Team for the disabled won two gold medals, out of a total of seven, at the International Meeting, which ended last Sunday in Morocco.

The gold medals were won by Manuel Jaime T46 (motor impairment), who clocked 51.81 seconds in the 400 metres.

The athlete from Cuanza Sul relegated to second place the Ivorian Kouassi Dieudonne who clocked 53.43 seconds and the host Asli Said 54.51, who took the third place.

Manuel Jaime won the second gold medal in 800m (2:00min), followed by the Egyptian Hassane Samih (2:00min). The Brazilian De Filipe was disqualified.

The runner, who marked his debut at the Tokyo’2020 Paralympic Games, also won the bronze medal in the 1500m with a time of 4:17min.

At this distance, the first place went to Moroccan T38, Ben Hassan (4:27min), followed by his compatriot, Najah Zakaria T36 (5:03min).

In women´s category, the sprinter Juliana Moko won the bronze medal in the 400m (1:02min). Iran´s Safarzadeh Hagar took gold (58.32min), while the Namibian Ishitile Lahja with 1:02min took the silver medal.

Angola won three more bronze medals, all through André Oliveira T12 (partial visual impairment). In the 100 metres with the time of 12.08min, in the 200m (24.89min) and in the 400m (55.12min).



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