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Facts About Britt Baker Only Hardcore Fans Know

It is not secret that Britt Baker and Adam Cole are a power couple in wrestling. Wrestling runs on a unique schedule, so finding a partner willing to work around that schedule can be tough. Due to this, wrestlers often meet and date within the business. However, Cole and Baker’s love story is a little less traditional than that. While in Hershey, Pennsylvania for a dental school conference, Britt fired up the Bumble app and matched with Adam Cole.

On Episode 342 of “Vids I Dig with Chris Van Vliet“, Britt admits that she didn’t recognize Adam Cole despite knowing him as a wrestler before. She said, “anytime I’ve ever seen him in a wrestling ring he’s like soaking wet, his hair is dripping wet, he has no clothes on, pro-wrestling, right? And it said his name was Austin, so for me, I’m like, this guy looks so familiar but I don’t know Austin.” Baker and Cole chatted for awhile on Bumble, and it wasn’t until Adam Cole came back from New Japan Pro-Wrestling and won the ROH Title for the third time that the two finally went on a date. Britt went from not recognizing his dry hair and street clothes appearance to eventually moving in with him in Orlando.



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