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Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray to settle feud in confusing manner at Impact No Surrender

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray have over 30 years of history in the professional wrestling business. The heat has boiled over lately in Impact, and there is only one solution. Dreamer and Bully are going to settle their feud in a… wait for it… live podcast.


No, this isn’t a Steve Austin routine


Yeah, I’m as befuddled as you are.

Director of Authority Santino Marella arranged a meeting to simmer down the tension. Santino proposed a live podcast segment moderated by Dave LaGreca to conduct a Busted Open powwow at No Surrender on February 24. The intent was for Dreamer and Bully to work it out.

Dreamer was on board. He didn’t want to fight anymore. They are 50 years old. Life is too short. They don’t have to be friends, just keep it civil going their own ways.

Bully actually agreed, but he pivoted in true scumbag fashion. Bully was sheepish then flipped to jerkish. Bully suggested that Dreamer can go his own way right out the door to exit Impact. The implication was that the violence will continue unless Dreamer leaves for good.

Bickering intensified. Bully agreed to Santino’s plan as long he got to speak first. Dreamer was tired of the bullshit and mocked Bully in whiny voice to demand first rights. Santino decided to arrange a Beat the Clock challenge for next week to determine who talks first at their No Surrender segment.


Impact is calling it Busted Open Live, which is a reference to the Busted Open podcast hosted by LaGreca, Dreamer, and Bully. I don’t quite understand what is supposed to take place at No Surrender, but I know it’s not a match. I suppose Dreamer and Bully will engage in a live promo segment, which will inevitably result in an explosion of violence. Right?

Whatever the case, that certainly sounds underwhelming on paper. I do have faith that Dreamer and Bully will have a few veteran tricks up their sleeve to produce a memorable moment creating high drama.

Are you in on the Busted Open Live segment for Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray at No Surrender?



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