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Ursinus field hockey team was on the TOP in European tour

College hockey is not about dull gaming with your mates, but also the opportunity to broaden your outlook and build future career. You may easily visit other countries playing in different competitions, leagues or just study in summer camps. The post collegiate career is real. Let’s puzzle out how the Ursinus field hockey team made their steps to success.

In brief how the trip took place

Recently girls of the Ursinus College field hockey team had the opportunity to prove they are pretty good in the case. The club traveled to European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and obtained enormous sporting and individual experience.
During the journey girls not only played against international crews, but also visited many tourist’s beauty sights. The matches were tough but fun at the same time, girls learned new techniques and playing strategies, as well just took lots of photos with their ‘rivals’, laughed and discovered new facts about the countries they were visiting.
Girls will surely remember this trip down the years as of the times of their active and inappreciable juvenility full of new and intriguing emotions.

The ways to keep fit and develop in field hockey

Except for participating in international competitions, youth clubs can consider performing in so-called summer collegiate league. The benefits of the arrangement is that taking part in it girls are free to stay in a good physical shape even in summer time and at the same time keep competing with the other crews, that is always important to increase the professional level and sharpen skills. Though summer collegiate league is not permanent and also demands good preparation, it’s better to mention some camps, like Villanova hockey camp. It’s the place where drill and develop theoretic and practical gaming skills in the care of specialists. That is not an unimportant part to choose the right equipment. Gator hockey tools may be an option to use to step up efficiently here.

College field hockey is the choice to step up

Girls from the Ursinus hockey team proved once again that it’s essential to believe in own abilities and make efforts to touch the heights.



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