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NHL Rumors: Milan Lucic on free agency and the Vancouver Canucks

Donnie & Dhali: Milan Lucic on his future as a pending UFA and if he’d play for the Vancouver Canucks.

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Dhaliwal: “Milan, your seven-year deal is up. You’re 34 years old. You’re a UFA for the first time in a long-time as well. Talk a little bit about, if you become a free agent on July 1st Milan, would Vancouver be on your list? Would you like to play for the hometown Canucks?

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Lucic: “Well, I knew you were going to hit me that one.

You know what, I think the process has changed in the last seven years of, being able to talk to teams, and all that type of stuff. So, I haven’t really gone over it too much just yet with my agents cause I’ve been in Europe, just focusing on winning the World Championships.

To be honest, the last two days (interview was on May 30th) has kind of been just soaking that in.

But now that you mentioned it, I’m going to have to go through all my options and see what’s the best fit for me. One of the reasons why I did want to go to the World Championships, cause I wanted to have fun playing hockey again. I wanted to have fun. I knew we’d have a good chance to win. I wanted to have fun being on a winning team again.

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To me, a lot of that will go into my decision as a UFA. First off, I have to see what my options are and go from there.

Obviously, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It’s always a dream for a hometown boy to play for his hometown team. So, would definitely listen to what they have to say if they came calling.”



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