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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Field Hockey Players

Christmas Ideas For Field Hockey Players

The season for giving is not far off. Supermarkets have been playing carols since November. It’s that one time of the year that many of us become the people we hoped we always would be as a spirit of Christmas makes us kinder and all round better spirited. Then comes the head scratching and soul searching for present ideas as the 25 th slips closer and closer. Budgets are assessed, money to spend per family member is pre planned. Finally by the 25 th parcels are shipped and all you have to do is sit back and wait for your accolades as pink faced relatives, one after the other bestow you with their hearty thanks.

Rewind to the head scratching. Usually, I would stare endlessly, blank faced at a jumping Amazon page on my laptop screen. What does my Mum really want for Christmas? Surely she has it all? What does brother Charley want? Then your mind slips to their hobbies and passions. This is where my following list comes in. I am taking for granted you’re looking at this page because you are a field hockey player or you want to be or your friend is a player.  I digress, at Christmas you’ll want to give the hockey player something special. Here are some tips that may save you some time for other Christmas going on’s like making mince pies or eating them…



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