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To make first steps is not difficult or Zyah Newsome story

Self-confidence and belief in your own abilities are the keys to success in every sphere. Zyah Newsome is one of the promising players of the Seton Hill field college team. The story of the girl shows that if you want and make efforts, everything is possible, even to enter in a high position in a club field hockey rankings.

Only hard drills and strict belief

Hockey is a quite competitive and sometimes rough sport. Though if you are ready to spend all the free time on achieving the goal, nothing is impossible. Today Zyah Newsome is a successful Seton Hill hockey field team player, but to take part in the club the girl paid a lot of effort. Before presenting the University Zyan Newsome drilled hard, as a result she became a two time Sportsmanship Award winner and entered into the National Honor Society. While being on the top in sport it’s essential to keep fit constantly, so Zyah did lacrosse and basketball training too. As soon as the athlete became a freshman of the Seton Hill team, she scored two goals on the season and finished it with 5 shots, 4 on goal. Then Zyan Newsome leveled up to a sophomore and winningly became a junior in 2019, making 6 starts and scoring more goals. For now she is moving up the ladder in club field hockey rankings. There will be no wonder if in future she will become a newly appeared Margaux Paolino, for instance.

Additional ways to succeed in hockey

The best option to succeed is to take a leaf out of the player of the Seton Hill team. Find your motivation and don’t be lazy to train constantly. By the way, it’s fine to attend training centers, like Agnes Irwin field hockey school. It’s not like a fitness club at all, though it’s not a strict college crew, so this place is flexible enough and perfectly fits for individual development. Don’t hesitate and google Agnes Irwin field hockey school or its alternatives.

Everyone can become a star

Stop stressing out and disrespecting yourself – remember that to achieve something it’s necessary to make efforts.



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