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Strategy to Sink More Par and Birdie Putts

Strategy to Sink More Par and Birdie Putts

Of course, we all want to sink more par and birdie putts but you will never improve your odds unless your reduce the distance of your approach shots to the green and reduce the length of your putts. This is pretty obvious but you do need a strategy to improve your odds for success.
Playing more rounds of golf will help but you need a plan to improve each shot to improve your success rate:
1/ Start at the Practice Range: Don’t waste your time or money on rounds of golf until you sort out how to make consistent hits with every club in your bag. GOLFSTR+ is a great training aid to help you hone your skills for 6 swing fixes.

2/ Identify your weaknesses and find a class or professional to learn the basics to improve your swing for every club. Your driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putter all require unique swings to either LAUNCH, POWER or IMPACT your ball at the right attack angle.

3/ Prioritize Your Holes for Success
a. Par 5’s Are Priority #1: With a good drive and a good approach shot you should be within 100 yards of the green. [If you aren’t within 100 yards, you need to either improve your consistency or move to a forward tee. Golf is meant to be a fun game and it’s a lot more fun when you can reach the green in regulation for a 2-putt par or a birdie putt.]
b. Par 4’s Are the next Easiest to Par: Your drive should be in the fairway and within 150 yards of the green. [These approach shots are more difficult than within 100 yards so you need to improve your direction control to ensure that you either land and stay on the green or land in a perfect approach area where you can easily chip it close for par.
c. Par 3s are the most difficult to Par: Typically, they are over 150 yards, loaded with hazards and they have tricky contours. [Improve your ability to choose the right club to land and roll up to the hole. Learn to avoid hitting the green and then rolling into the deep rough surrounding the green.]

4/ Practice with Your RECOVERY CLUB: If you miss or roll off the green you will typically be faced with a short chip. These shots ruin most of your chances to par many of your holes on every round. Choosing the right club to clear the rough and roll out to the hole is a good starting point.
Eliminate 80% of your mishit chips by PUTTING with the TOE OF YOUR WEDGE OR IRON. If the rough is not too deep, you can stand closer to the ball and sliding your hands down to the bottom of your grip creating a more vertical shaft , you can actually use the toe of your club to PUTT up to 5 feet out of the thick fringe.

Test different wedges and irons to sort out TOE CHIPPING with the Toe of your clubs. Your air time and roll time varies with every club so spend your time wisely learning this technique.

YES, just use a putting swing to lift your ball on to the putting surface and rolling out to the hole.
Par and birdie more holes by practicing for CONSISTENT Toe Putting hits with every club. Spend some of your practice time (in your backyard or at the range) TOE PUTTING out of deep rough with an appropriate iron or wedge to lift your ball high enough to reach the green and then rollout to the hole.

Sink more par and birdie putts by reducing the distance your each holes. For shots that land in the heavy fringe just off the green, practice your TOE PUTTING swing with GOLFSTR+ by locking your leading wrist. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

Thought for the Day: With practice and strength training you can easily get more distance off your shanks.




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