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Six degrees of separation. If Tasha Schwikert ” just wants to make sure athletes are safe, children are safe” why does she support the hiring of Alicia Sacramone & promoting Dominique Moceanu?

In this new article that just seems to repeat a bunch of bull shit from the old one, Tasha Schwikert says things like ” “I just want to make sure athletes are safe, children are safe, our current and future generation are safe and they have an organization that is doing right by them and the athlete’s interest is the No. 1 priority,” then why does she have ‘No problem” with Alicia Sacramone being hired to run gymnastics in the United States?

This article may seem like a repeat of the last one but it isn’t. this article is focusing on the hiring of Tasha Schwikert who is an even bigger hypocrite than Dominique Moceanu when it comes to pretending to care about the mental and physical health of our youth. The second she decided to not have an issue with the hiring of Alicia, she lost all creditability. Then when she decided to promote Dominique Moceanu she solidified her hypocrisy.

Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation is real. By supporting Alicia for the role of coordinator she is condoning Alicia at the age of 24, telling a 15 year old Mckayla Maroney to shut the fuck up about talking about her abuser. And if we go even further into the Six degree’s we have Moceanu who had been a staunch defender and stalker really, of Alicia Sacramone, shoving her babies into Alicia’s hands for photo ops since they were born. Neither of these gymnasts have spoken up against Alicia.

Tasha had the perfect opportunity to call out Alicia in either article but she didn’t. She supported the decision by bringing up the hire but she didn’t do a damn thing. If this really was about the kids she should have said something?

By supporting Dominique, she is also supporting one of Alicia’s friends, Dominique. While blaming Tasha for what her friend of a friend might have done, it says a lot that Moceanu is still friendly with Alicia in 2022. Moceanu never came out against Alicia either. If you support these people for leadership roles knowing their history (and don’t be in denial. Dominique knows it all. So does Tasha) then you don’t give a damn about protecting children. She has NO issue working with Alicia either. Or Moceanu, who condones Alicia’s behavior by not releasing it to the press.

Mckayla Maroney’s Instagram post about being told to shut up. She also talks about how she listened to this older teammate because she looked up to her.

Moceanu would be a horrible hire for USA-Gymnastics and she’s just lucky my source says her friends list is private on her facebook account because she is friends with half of GGMB including the biggest whack job of all time who wished gymnasts dead and bragged about attacking Skinner’s mother at a Gymnastics meet. More proof she shouldn’t be near the federation of USA-Gymnastics. And neither should Tasha.

I would love to hear people’s reasoning for supporting Tasha? Or especially Moceanu? Lies by omission are still lies and by not publicly doing what you insist you are here for you are in fact condoning abuse.

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