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NIT 2017 and the opportunity to level up in field hockey

Today college it is enormously popular. Not the last role plays in the process lots of ‘caring’ federations, like AAU. The establishment was founded to make up standards of the sports in the US and provide programs for all participants of all ages, including students. Though there are also many other places where the discipline is developed. Here we will puzzle them out.

NIT 2017 as the field hockey challenge

The National Indoor Tournament itself is the arrangement open to almost all-ages athletes to participate in hockey competitions. The greatest one was set on Feb. 17 – March 06, 2017. Here teams from many colleges took part, for instance the total colleges in attendance was 67. Among the most prominent teams were the ones from Boston College, Central Michigan University, James Madison University, Princeton University, Saint Louis University, Ohio State University, Villanova University, Columbia University, etc.
There were some rosters to mind, like U-10 Co-Ed Rosters, U-12 Co-Ed Rosters, U-14 Rosters, U-16 Rosters, U-17 Boys Rosters, U-19 Rosters.

Special attention should be taken to the efforts and professionalism of teams’ coaches, who prepared young crews at high level. For instance, Villanova field hockey coaches and the other staff showed enormous support to their club and led almost all the games successfully. That NIT 2017 proved that girls from Villanova are not easy to compete with. Now the university coaches keep making their fans happy with the appearance of new promising future stars, like Suzie Clark. Also Columbia field hockey coaches presented the plain preparedness to make their players fight till the end. This crew distinguished itself pretty well too. All in all, the tournament was worth watching and even visiting, lots of new unexpected leaders appeared.

You may succeed in field hockey if you wish

Today there are a lot of opportunities to develop in hockey combining college and personal activities. You may find a heap of preparing clubs and camps to visit, for example, you may simply google and find the nearest ones. The other and more professional option is to search for mentioning the title of the nearest sport stadiums, like Berylson Family fields. As a rule, such places serve as the arena for hosting many games as well as training of the clubs.




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