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How to size up Hockey Sticks for kids

In one word – no. Experts say when a child is starting out in the sport, there is no reason to worry about all of the dazzling arrays of features manufacturers have on offer today. It’s easy to become startled by terms like mid bows, tomahawk zones, low bows, and 50-degree hooks?!? What happens if the child simply stores the stick in the cupboard after a few outings and never touches it again? Pessimistic view aside, most children won’t have the skills to master the top sticks, and the top sticks won’t help them achieve the basic skills. These days, even the cheapest wooden sticks are reinforced with fibreglass. The better, more expensive sticks are more suited for advanced juniors and up.

Cheaper wooden sticks reinforced with fibreglass are not only affordable, but technically make it easier to stop the ball.  Their curved end helps to control the ball for play all over the field. For this reason, entry-level sticks are much more forgiving for children and developing players.



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