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College Rumblings And Trevor Zegras

College Rumblings Err Updates In The NHL

Mark Divver of NHL.com: With the college signing period underway, there have been a slow trickle of updates. Notable signings are a little slow so far, but that is expected.  Matt Brown still is playing for Boston University, for example. That is a bit of a theme.

Max Sasson is an interesting case. So far, there have been reports linking the center to Boston and Vancouver. The sophomore feels no jinx this season. Jason Polin is also on watch after Western Michigan was eliminated from the NCHC. Even the Maine goalie, Victor Osman had had teams eyeing him up as well.

NHL Rumors: GM Meetings and Trade Deadline Winners

Travis Mitchell has been invited to Boston and St. Louis training camps in the past and both teams are looking at the two-way defenseman now. He has 17 points in 29 games for Cornell this season.

Hunter McKown will sign a deal according to reports. The where is unknown. San Jose and St. Louis were believed to be possibilities.

Justin Hryckowian, however, is staying at Northeastern for another season. He was just named captain. Parker Ford (Providence) is another player to monitor along with Riese Gaber (North Dakota). An immense thanks has to be given to Dave Starman and Mike Morreale for all of their insight and thoughts.

Trevor Zegras And The Anaheim Ducks

Nick Kypreos of the Toronto Star: Lost in all the “Michigan” stuff is simply that Trevor Zegras wants to get paid. His entry-level deal comes to an end. Then, there is this.

“There’s a difference between Instagram skill and regular skill and I’m trying to get the Instagram out of there,” Adam Oates said.

NHL Rumors: More interesting RFA’s for this summer

For his part, Zegras acknowledges he wants to play a more complete game and has made some strides. Consider how bad defensively Anaheim is and it is a bit unfair to be too hard on the center. That said, his future likely remains in Ducks colors. Now, the question is for how much green.

An eight-year lucrative extension is out there. When do the two parties come to an agreement? So far, barring something unforeseen, that is the only question worth asking.




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