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Betting on the England Test Team Since the Dawn of Bazball

Cricket has been around for the last few hundred years and is here to stay. With more competitive forms of the sport coming into being with the IPL, new strategies are always around the corner.

If you’re a punter who likes placing wagers on this sport, you must check out Bazball, and how it could impact on betting on the England team, but also the wider sport as it continues to develop. Following the recent test series between India and England, McCullum’s hot new strategy has taken the world of the one-ball game by storm. So, what is Bazball? Is the English Test Team going to break new records with this strategy? Let’s find out if betting on Bazball is worth it!

The Recent Exhibition of Bazball

For any strategy to be worth its salt, execution is mandatory. Bazball was allegedly the strategy used by the English test team to bag the test series against the Indian team. But this begs the question, what is Bazball?

The answer is as simple as it may seem. Its roots lie deep in the philosophy that helped McCullum gain Laurels for his stellar sportsmanship throughout his career. Brendon McCullum is well-known for having a resilience resembling Sir Vivian Richards. In a game of strategy such as cricket, he remained evergreen until the end of his career.

As set out by Brendon, the seven pillars of Bazball include:

  • Less reflective environment
  • No negative chatting
  • Win-at-all costs mentality
  • No fear of failure
  • Praise for even little things
  • Simplicity of message
  • Embracing true mental freedom

Even though it sounds like jargon, Bazball has proven its worth by turning the English test team around. Previously, England was staring down a barrel with one victory in 17 test matches. The worst loss England had ever faced was in the Ashes, where they lost 4-0. But soon after this, the team deployed their latest strategy under the new leadership. It helped steer their ship towards a 3-0 win against the kiwis! Following suit with high morale, the team chased down a score of 378!

What Does This Mean for Betting?

England’s refined strategy seems like one that is going to weather most of its storms. Even though it’s relatively new, the results have been beyond excellent. According to the guys at Cricket Betting Man now is the perfect time to bet on the English test team as a result. Right now, is the time that they are underdogs and the odds are at a maximum. With the weight of Brendon McCullum’s success and experience behind it, Bazball may just become the new strategy for cricket in the future. Placing your wagers on this strategy right now can help you maximise your winnings.

Tips to Choose the Right Betting Site

If you’re looking to capitalise on this opportunity, choosing the suitable sites to ager on is essential. Here are a few tips on how you can select a credible sportsbook to wager on Bazball:

Trusted Sites

Trusted sites inform you regarding the deposit options available, bonuses and initial deposit offers, money withdrawal system and duration, the number of betting options offered, etc.

Online Reviews

In addition to checking for all necessary information, you must look at the reviews of a sportsbook before signing up. Following third-party reviews and reviews left by fellow punters can help you understand a site’s credibility.

Customer Service Availability

The best sites have customer service that’s available 24×7. Some of the most credible sites offer call, e-mail, and live chat options.

Games Included in the Sportsbooks

Any good sportsbook hosts multiple games. You can easily find the most trusted ones with a wide range of games. For cricket, we’d suggest looking at sportsbooks in Australia, the UK, etc.

Odds and Payment Options

Any sportsbook looking out for its punters will list the odds of each game present. They will also give you updates and predictions o place safe bets. A credible sportsbook will also have a comprehensive payments system accepting VISA, MasterCard, Bank Transfers, Neteller, etc.

Thus, before placing your wagers on any sportsbook, conduct thorough research to ascertain their credibility.

Summing It Up

Bazball is a unique strategy the England test team has used to turn its fate around. Keeping their achievements in mind, we think this could be the next biggest thing in cricket. If you’re looking to make a bang for your buck, we suggest taking your chances and betting on the English test team’s stellar recovery to continue!



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