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Better Ballstriking!

It has been incredible to watch my students work this concept into their golf swing and witness how much better they start to strike the golf ball. It’s ball first, crisp contact where the compression improves almost immediately. If you struggle with thins, scrappy heavy hits and even some blocks and hooks then this thought is a good one for you to try. As always there is a video coming, but today I’m going to lead off with what I’d like you to feel….

  • As you get to the top of your backswing your lead/front side is lower than the trail side. In transition I want you to keep the lead side low for as long as possible into the downswing

  • Feel like you’re “surfing down the wave” into the golf ball

  • Work against drifting the upper body in front of the ball. There should be no upper body sway as you start down

  • While the lead side will elevate at impact, strive to keep that front shoulder staying as low as possible



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