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8 Best Field Hockey Sticks For Kids Under 13 [Updated 2022]

Tired of your kids staying indoors? Why not get them into a sport that you know they’ll enjoy: Field Hockey.

Your child will love the improved fitness, mixing with peers, and learning teamwork. Perhaps your child is bored of watching you play through a car window and wants to play the great game, instead of always being a spectator or a bearer of half-time fruit. Are they begging you for a stick that says independence, fun, and I’m cool?

Whatever the reason, you may feel a little reluctant or unsure about what kind of field hockey stick to get your child, especially if they’re on the smaller side or growing quickly. The wrong size can prevent the child from improving their skills of the game, or worse, risk a back injury.

No need to stress. Let’s find your child a hockey stick that will be fun yet also age-appropriate for them. Here I’ve compiled a list of the 8 best field hockey sticks for children under 13. This list provides an extensive review of several types of sticks that parents all-over have approved, with the nod from their kids.



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