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Zimbabwe: Mpofu Breaks Sarpcco Games Record

One of Zimbabwe’s top long-distance runners Isaac Mpofu yesterday broke the Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisations Games half-marathon record which earned him a gold medal as the Zimbabwe Republic Police team continue to lead other countries here.

Mpofu managed to finish the race on 1hr 1minute, breaking the record which was at 1 hour 3minutes since the launch of the SARPCCO Games in 1999.

In July, Mpofu also put an amazing performance at the World Athletics Championships when finishing on position 10 in the men’s marathon and setting a new national record in Eugene, Oregon, United States.

Mpofu crossed the finishing line in 2hrs 7minutes 57 seconds to beat the previous national record that stood at 2hrs 9minutes 52 seconds, set by Cuthbert Nyasango in 2014.

He ran a qualifying time of 2 hours 10 minutes 24 seconds during the Durban International Marathon in South Africa.

In an interview yesterday, Mpofu said although he had so far scooped two gold medals and a bronze, the Games were tough.

“The only thing that I can say is that the Games were a little bit tough. We came here thinking that we were going to easily take the medals but we discovered that it was a little bit challenging,” he said.

Mpofu said during yesterday’s half-marathon, it was challenging because of the hot weather being experienced here.

“Despite this I managed to get a gold medal. On breaking the SARPCCO Games half-marathon record, I am happy and that’s my objective in each and every race to improve on my time for a better future,” he said.