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US September camp. Results | Gymtruthteller’s Blog

US September camp. Results

World Cup assignments will be decided.

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USAG never seems to learn. Jade getting a 9.400 in execution for a DTY (5.0 start value so that is just my guess) because she was beaten on Floor by Jordan and Shilese AND Nola just to have an excuse to send her when she clearly didn’t deserve it. Jordan doesn’t seem to score this well with real judges and they have no problem over scoring her in the US. I just realized Leanne didn’t even bother with this. I feel like a 4th gymnast was supposed to be sent to these World Cups but I am damned if I remember. Jung, Fatta, and Jung-Ruivivar will be going to the Szombathely World Challenge Cup September 30 – October 2. They have also been added to the national team. Meanwhile Leanne has not. Shilese only did bars, beam and floor. Not calculated at all to keep her out of the AA rankings. Jade only got a 12.666 on floor. Knowing the US judges she must have fallen or OOB the crap out of everything. Konnor also didn’t bother with this meet. Smart of both her and Leanne.

The article is passive aggressive with these words. “With Jones only showing three of four apparatus, Jong (52.665), Fatta (52.465) and Jung-Ruivivar (52.532) posted the third-, fourth- and fifth-highest all-around scores” Way to discount them but not mention how it helped Jade. AND, If Jade did fall they gave her a 8.566 execution on floor to further fix the results. And you think things have changed.


In the mean time , baseball is going to make the bases bigger. Manfred, you are a fucking clown. STOP ruining my sport. If the shift is banned, David Ortiz needs to come out of retirement. I could rant about this for hours on my baseball blog (Which is me just bitching about sell out, Tom Brady) but it’s just me talking to myself.

FOOTBALL IS BACK! When did Russell Wilson leave Seattle? Why do the Rams suck? Will Mac Jones be better at throwing the ball to actual people? Will Tom Brady just go the **** away and die?

RIP Queen Elizabeth. But really people? Out of bitterness for not bowing down to her every demand , she stayed in office to punish her son for falling in love with someone she didn’t approve of, and she was 96. You had to know it was coming?



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