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Try the BOX Drill

A few points to note:

  • You can use a club box, a 2×4 (be careful!) or a partially empty plastic water bottle laying on it’s side

  • Align the box at the target

  • Tee the ball up approximately 2” inside the box

  • Start off with shorter irons and work your way up to the bigger clubs

This is a super drill for everybody! Keep the box in your trunk or locker and use it fior a few shots every time you’re warming up or practicing as it will always serve to give you a clear indication of a fairly neutral strike and club path – bot good things.

Thanks so much for your readership and support in 2021. It has once again been a fairly challenging year, but I cannot be more grateful for my family, friends, students and the career path that I have chosen. Here’s to making 2022 your best year in golf yet!




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