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Top 5 Golf Shoes from StockX

Last week we introduced a new segment: the Top 5 Golf Shoes from StockX.

Much of the reaction was positive—most of it from the new wave of golfers like me who believe looking good on the course is half the battle. It’s not that fashion and function necessarily are mutually exclusive. There are plenty of top-performing golf shoes we’ve tested that look as good as they perform.

But I firmly believe it’s totally fine to buy a pair of golf shoes because of the hype rather than focusing on their performance.

Yes, I said it. You’re allowed to buy golf shoes that on paper won’t help your game. And that’s really what this segment is about.

With that mantra firmly in mind, here are my top five golf shoes from StockX this week:

New Balance 997G Malbon Golf Shoes

Malbon 997G

Make “dad shoes” cool again! The New Balance 997 is the Boston sportswear brand’s bread-and-butter lifestyle shoe so why not make it ready for the course? Malbon Golf is far from what some would consider a “traditional” golf brand and this collaboration with New Balance on the 997G is the perfect example of that. This hybrid golf shoe stays true to the heritage of the original New Balance 997 in style with the addition of a waterproof upper and integrated golf spikes to round it out as a well-equipped course performer.


NIKE Stefan Janoski G Spikeless Golf Shoes

NIKE SB Janoski G

If the NIKE Stefan Janoski G looks familiar, it’s because this was the shoe of choice for Tony Finau during the 2020-2021 PGA TOUR season. The shoe itself is the golf variant of NIKE’s extremely popular skateboarding shoe, the NIKE SB Stefan Janoski. I can’t comfortably say this shoe is going to be a great performer but if you’re the type of person who is a fan of golf shoes that don’t look like golf shoes, this is an easy choice to recommend.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the NIKE SB Stefan Janoski and have multiple pairs in my daily sneaker rotation, although I’m still on the hunt for the golf version. The NIKE Stefan Janoski G boasts a very wearable design with enough function to earn a spot in your golf bag.


NIKE Air Zoom Victory Tour x Seamus Golf

NIKE Air Zoom Victory Tour x Seamus Golf

This is a match made by the golf gods. The NIKE Air Zoom Victory Tour meets Seamus Golf, a company known for making some of the coolest golf accessories out there, including wool headcovers and hand-forged ball markers.

Seamus knows how to work with premium materials and the NIKE Air Zoom Victory Tour was elevated to new heights with this exclusive collaboration. If you’re looking for a shoe that blurs the divide between fashion and tradition, I would highly suggest giving these a hard look.

Did the NIKE Air Zoom Victory Tour place dead last in our 2022 spiked golf shoe testing? Yes, but as I said earlier, I believe performance is only half of the battle. In my mind, looks count for something, too, which is where the NIKE Air Zoom Victory Tour x Seamus Golf really shines.


Jordan 1 Retro Low G “Shattered Backboard”

Jordan 1 Low G Shattered Backboard

I’m a sucker for a good story so when Jordan Brand first introduced the orange-and-black Shattered Backboard color blocking in 2016, I immediately fell in love. But how can colors tell a story? I’m glad you asked.

Back in 1985 while playing in an exhibition game overseas, Michael Jordan did what every young basketball player has always dreamed of doing: shattering a backboard after a ferocious dunk. The only backboard-breaking dunk of MJ’s career, the “Shattered Backboard” colorway is inspired by the orange-and-black jersey he was wearing at the time.

Doesn’t the story make the shoes that much cooler? Since 2016 when Jordan Brand introduced this storyline and colorway, it has found its way onto numerous shoes. Six years later, we’ve now got a golf shoe with the same color blocking! You better believe that, as soon as these dropped, I bought a pair, although I still haven’t worn them.

Just waiting for that special occasion. Maybe that will be the day I’ll slam dunk an ace!


NIKE Air Max 1 G “Grass”

NIKE Air Max 1 G Grass

This pair of golf shoes gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “be one with the course.”

The NIKE Air Max 1 G in the “Grass” color is definitely not for everyone but if you’re looking to stand out on the course then I’ve found the perfect pair for you. I’m not sure there’s any performance benefit to grass-like golf shoes but they sure are different than anything your buddies are going to wear—and that counts for something.


Two Must-Have Accessories Straight from StockX

StockX isn’t just a great place to find rare golf shoes. There are hundreds of stylish head overs, bags, gloves and more to choose from. Be warned: Most of these accessories are on StockX for a reason—they’re extremely rare and pricey. But don’t let the price tag scare you. It’s worth the jealous reactions from your golfing buddies.

BAPE Abc Driver Head Cover

Let’s face it: golf is starting to become a cool sport. Nowhere is this more evident than the accessories category where world-renowned streetwear brands like BAPE are doing their part to spruce up the space.

The Japanese streetwear giant is most well-known for their flashy camouflage patterns and classic Ape logo, both of which are seen on this awesome driver head cover!


NIKE x Drake NOCTA Golf Windshield Elite Sunglasses

Nothing is worse than standing at a tee box unable to see the flag because you’re staring directly into the sun. Sunglasses are a must-have item for any round of golf and the NIKE x Drake NOCTA Golf Windshield Elite Sunglasses are as functional as they are cool. The best part? Right now you can grab them for under retail, something that you don’t see very often on resale sites like StockX.


So Many Choices

These are just five of the thousands of golf shoes that StockX has to offer. You could probably spend hours upon hours browsing the online shelves for the perfect pair.

Sounds like time well spent to me! What are your thoughts on my selections for this week? Leave a comment if you’d wear any of the shoes (or accessories) listed above and stay tuned for even more StockX golf content coming soon.

You wouldn’t believe the other 10,000 limited-run golf shoes we found.




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