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There’s A Bartending Robot At The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, And Now We’re Ready For Happy Hour

At the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the robots have taken over… the bar.

To mitigate Covid-19 risks, Beijing Olympics organizers are taking an alternate approach to service. And bartending is just one of the many areas where robots are helping out. In a press release, the Beijing Committee stated that robots will be used for prevention and control measures. This includes “in accommodation, award presentation ceremonies, mobile vending, the delivery of goods and food items, the delivery of room services, the transport of medical equipment, providing guide and translation services, and patrol services, among other services.”

In other words, diners looking forward to a hot cafeteria meal will be met by automated food drops from an overhead track system, among other delightfully futuristic hospitality services.

The bartender robot, seen above slinging drinks at the media center’s “smart restaurant,” can mix and serve cocktails within 90 seconds, according to the South China Morning Post. And in a video shared by Reuters, it’s shown expertly shaking a cocktail and pouring it with precision into a margarita glass. The Post also reports that customers can order a drink by scanning a code.

No word yet on whether or not they accept tips.



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