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The Right Moment – The Martial Arts Woman

You cannot always control what happens in your life. One moment rolls to the next without warning. It is nice to know that the difficult moments fade into the past. On the other hand, you probably wish the awesome moments would not slip away, but they do. I guess that is why we have to average out the good and the bad so we land somewhere in between. But where exactly is this “in-between” place?

That is a trick question because it depends on your choices and your mindset. Happiness and positivity are not possible all the time and that is okay and normal. Even I have down days, worries or a lack of confidence on occasion. I am positive. Usually. I strive to be positive most of the time and that is the key to a powerful and purposeful life.

I just learned that my college roommate and dear friend passed away last week. That really struck my heart and the tears rolled. We shared so many incredible moments together. She was born with muscular dystrophy but managed to live without being confined to a wheelchair for most of her life. She had amazing power and purpose. She never said, “Why me?” even though she had difficult circumstances. I have amazing memories of our time together and I cherish her. It is a sad time, yet, I thankfully have these beautiful memories and I know deep inside that she is in a better place. That is how I see the positive in this heartbreaking time.

If you want to be more positive and allow your power and purpose to emerge, consider these steps:

  • Be thankful for who you are, what you have, your friends and your family. Thankfulness is a tool for positivity. It allows us to find joy in our moments and connects us to our purpose.
  • Appreciate your talents and gifts. You are born with them for a purpose. Use them to improve yourself, others, and the world around you. Love and friendship are gifts that you can use every day.
  • Face your fears. I am sure that at some point in your life you have done exactly as I have and squashed your dreams and desires because of fear. What did you give up because someone criticized you? What did you push aside because you stopped believing? What did you decide to never do because you did not think you were good enough? Let go of those fears and be you.
  • Take control. Martial arts helped me take control of my life. I actually surprised myself when I was a martial art student because I recognized that I had untapped power and potential. I did not think of myself as confident, athletic, or exceptional. But, martial arts taught me differently. When my potential and power rose to the surface there was no longer anything to fear and I accepted that my dreams were put in my heart for a reason.

It is true. There is no way to control the world around you. But you can identify the challenges and barriers that hinder you, face them head on, then take one step forward. When you fall back a little, regroup, dust yourself off and start again. You may not see it right now, but your power and purpose are waiting for the right time, the right moment, to emerge.




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