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The New Preschool Mindset — Happy Gymnastics

Welcome to Tiny Training Tuesdays, where Happy Gymnastics’ founder, Sarah Fennell-Cooper,  shares insider tips and tricks to help you build a thriving (and wildly profitable) preschool gymnastics program. 

In this episode, learn about the “New School” Preschool Mindset. In the past, preschool programs have been almost a stepping stone into the world of gymnastics, but not a lot of thought was given to the programs themselves. 

Preschool should be its own program not attached to rec at all. It shouldn’t be thought of as a “rec light” or a “rec preparation”  but instead, a program all on its own. 

Preschool programs are EVERYWHERE, and your competitors are not just the gym down the block but other disciplines as well. Take swimming, martial arts, dance, and art for example. All of these disciplines have thriving preschool programs. Parents are looking for places  for their child to be involved and active and what options do they have? 



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