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The New Apple Watch Ultra is Also a Dive Computer

Apple’s latest, most advanced watch created to date, the Apple Watch Ultra, is the first smartwatch designed to double as a dive computer. The Apple Watch Ultra ($799+) was unveiled at Apple’s annual summer event earlier this month alongside two other new Apple watches, the Apple Watch Series 8 ($399+) and the Apple Watch SE ($249+). Of the three new Apple watches, only the Apple Watch Ultra is the only one equipped to function as a dive computer.

In addition to features like heart rate monitoring capabilities, emergency SOS response technology and a sleek retina display—which are now standard on all Apple watches—the Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with new, dive-specific sensors, including a depth gauge, water temperature sensor and water resistance to depths of up to 120 feet. It will also have a larger screen, extra screen brightness and enhanced dust resistance compared to other Apple watch models.

To access the Apple Watch Ultra’s dive computer capabilities, users will need to download the Oceanic+ app, a new app designed in collaboration with Apple that is expected to be available in the Apple App Store later this Fall. Its features include:

  • Dive planner
  • Tide predictions
  • Local dive condition data
  • Compass
  • Decompression limits
  • Excessive ascent rate alerts
  • Programmed safety stops

The Oceanic+ app also allows users to track when they can next safely get on an airplane or head to high elevations after a dive.

The free version of the Oceanic+ app will come equipped with depth tracking, GPS tracking, and dive logbook features for users to log up to 12 dives. To access the more advanced app features, including the features necessary to make the Apple Watch Ultra function like a complete dive computer, users will need to purchase an app subscription, reported to cost $5 per day, $10 per month, or $80 per year.

While the Oceanic+ app is not yet configured for free diving, Oceanic+ hopes to release additional advanced features to the app in the future. Oceanic also plans to release an iPhone housing case next summer, which the company says will allow your iPhone to function as both an underwater camera and dive computer to depths of up to 196 feet. The Apple Watch Ultra will be available in Apple Stores beginning Friday, August 23.



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