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Should YOU be Refining Your Gear ?

Should YOU be Refining Your Gear ?

I recently read an article about equipment changing trends on the pro tour. Obviously, what the pros do will most likely not impact your game. They use all the latest technology and financial support to make any changes that will give their swing an edge over other pros. I just wanted to share the tidbits that I found in a GOLF.com blog and by observing success changes which can apply to recreational golfers without spending a fortune.

Shorter Driver Shaft Length
This year the PGA set a new limit on driver shaft length at 46 inches. The interesting fact that I found is that Cameron Smith is known for his putting expertise, but his recent focus has been on hitting more fairways so that he can hit more greens in regulation. At the US Open, he was using a 44.5 inch shaft to add more direction control for his drives. A drive that is 20 yards shorter in the fairway adds a lot more value to your game than one that is longer but sitting in the rough or behind a tree.

Brooke Henderson was forced to shorten the shaft on her driver to 46 inches (from 48 inches ). This change was unfortunate as she always gripped down on her driver by about 3 inches as she loved the feel of the extra length.

The Bryson DeChambeau Syndrome
Adding muscle, bulk and a full set of single length irons were supposed to be a great new trend to improve accuracy and length control. Not only did Bryson end up injuring himself with his over speed training but his game whet sideways. With his increasing scores he found that the only way to increase his income was by joining the LIV Tour. I don’t think we should be following Bryson as a trend setter.

Putting Solutions
Every putter can sink every putt. You ONLY have to choose the right line and swing with the right speed. Easier said than done. Tony Finau just added a more distinctive Center Line on his putter head to help with the line up and impact for ever putt. He won a recent tournament putting with his trailing hand on top of his leading hand. That just reminds us how important it is to make sure that our line up is good but even more important is that you impact your swing EXACTLY ON THE CENTER LINE of your putter face.

I also notice a change to a new putter style where the shaft connects to the putter exactly at the center of the face of the putter. In addition to putting with her leading hand lower on her grip, Brooke Henderson and other LPGA pros have started to use this type of putter. Brooke turned her game around with a few recent tournament wins by changing to this type of mallet putter. She must be on to something. You don’t need a $500 Scotty Cameron Putter to sink more putts.

Hybrid or Utility Wood
There seems to be a shift away from Hybrid’s toward Utility Woods (UW). I don’t know if this is an advertising gimmick to sell a new type of club but I know that a 7 wood and a 9 wood added to my wife’s game is really helping her hit more greens in regulation. She has better direction control than with her #4 Hybrid. The UW clubs have shorter shafts which give you better direction control. Why not try to choke down on your 5 wood and test out the direction control for yourself.

I am also seeing the promotion of Utility Driving Irons for distance and direction control. They have heavier heads and suggest that they will improve your direction control. They work for the pros, but I’m not convinced. Again, this may be another way to sell more clubs exactly the way they suggested that you should buy a complete set of hybrid irons a few years ago.

Try out any of these gear changes before you buy. Make sure that don’t change the basics of your swing to accommodate those clubs. Practice with GOLFSTR+ for flat wrist putting & any full swing club and learn to limit your backswing with a straight leading elbow which is so critical at the point of impact. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

Thought for the Day: You may need lessons if you had to re-grip your ball retriever.




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