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Self defense with Ladle!!! | World of Martial Arts

By Masoud Hayeri Khyavi

In this article, I, as the author, and “Anali” as a colleague, will try to show some of the uses of an improvised weapon the “ladle” in self-defense. Yes, it’s unusual yet you never know it may help if you are ever attacked at home or inspire you in other ways or just need to create some fresh interest in your training.

Why A Ladle?

Quite simply it may just be there when you need it.

It has advantages over the knife:
If you cannot control the knife in your hand, the attacker may take it from you and use it against you.
You may injure yourself with a knife due to improper use.
You may unintentionally kill with a knife. A ladle is less immediately lethal.

Just as you, as a kitchen warrior, are aware of the use of all the tools in it, you may not be aware of the use of some kitchen tools for other purposes. A ladle is one of these tools that is available in steel, wood and other metals.

Well, let’s get to the point. I am the attacker and I want to surprise Anali who is fresh from university.

Technique 1
Keeping the distance of the defensive guard, Analy Dar blocks the attacker’s vision with her left hand and immediately hits the side of the attacker’s knee bone with the back of a ladle. After the assailant is slightly bent or turned to the side by the blow (due to pain or escape from the blow), Anali strikes the vital points on the assailant’s neck and back of the head with the tip of the ladle handle.(Figures 1-4)

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4

Technique 2
Anali presses or hits the blade of her free hand under the attacker’s nose and upwards, and as soon as the attacker loses his concentration, she hits the attacker with the back of the ladle between the two eyebrows or in the middle of his forehead.
He can also hit the attacker’s lower jaw with the back of the ladle and hit the vital points below the neck, behind the ears and between the neck and shoulder, and above the heart of attacker. (Figures 5-11)

Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 9
Figure 10
Figure 11

Technique 3
Anali can put the back of the ladle on the attacker’s eyeball and press on it with the other hand as shown in figures 12-13.

Figure 12
Figure 13

Technique 4
Your opponent may grab your hand holding the ladle. Do not worry. Act like Anali. Pass the ladle over his hand and hold it with your other hand. Then, with the blade of the ladle handle, first apply pressure to the nerve in his hand, then drive the attacker down as you saw his hand. (Figures 14-16)

Figure 14
Figure 15
Figure 16

Good! You can invent many techniques. You can hit the attacker with a ladle, for example, a blow to the shoulder, testicle, ear, etc.
If the attacker grabs your hair from above or from behind, what technique do you think? think.
Did the person who invented the ladle really think that this device has such dangerous uses?

Masoud Hayeri Khyavi


Featuring Anali Moshtagh Askarin with the author

The author is a martial artist and academic researcher based in Iran.

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