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Salted Smart Insoles: New Insole Design

  • Auto video timer countdown
  • Can help with speed training
  • New, improved insole design
  • 10% off retail price at checkout

Salted Smart Insoles were one of the best products to come through the doors here at MyGolfSpy HQ. But somehow they have made it even better.

We tested the Smart Insoles back in October 2020 and loved what they were putting down. The insoles are designed to provide real-time feedback with your weight pressure in various sports. But why is understanding weight pressure especially important in the game of golf? Well, if you don’t use weight pressure properly, you end up just using arms, hitting slices/hooks, thinning shots …  It’s not a pretty picture.

So dive in with me to see what’s been updated with the Salted Smart Insoles and why the pros use their weight pressure effectively to hit those 300+ bombs.

Force Plates

What’s New?

The new Smart Salted Insoles are 188 grams lighter than the original version. That might not sound like much but it certainly makes a difference. They have also shaved the height and thickness of the insole without sacrificing comfort or stability.

The first app version had some bugs and wasn’t very user friendly. However, the updates have made it very easy to use and navigate. You can scroll through golf tip videos, look at your old swings, compare your swing to a professional—the list goes on.

Before you hit a shot, the new update within the app allows you to set up a countdown timer. This allows you to swing at the right time instead of searching through the video and correlating your swing with the Smart Salted Insoles.

What’s really impressive about the Salted Smart Insoles is its putting section within the app. It allows you to see real-time weight distribution and where you need to be. The app reveals if a narrow or wider stance can help you keep weight distribution centered throughout the stroke. It might not seem like much but it’s a great addition to an already excellent product.

Can The Salted Smart Insole Help Me?

Short answer? YES!

Most of us have had golf lessons, I’m sure, and I’ll bet we’ve all been told to shift our weight in some one way or another. What coaches mean by that is to transition your weight to the lead side on your downswing. It could also be about you controlling your weight distribution at address or pressing into the ground on the downswing. I’m also sure you just nod your head as if you know what they’re talking about. It’s not until you see it that you can fully understand the principle.

The Salted Smart Insoles provide instant feedback that is easily correlated to what the coach is saying. With a lot of coaches trending towards force plates or pressure mats, the price of lessons can get steep. Not if you have some Salted Smart Insoles. You can wear them to your lesson and have the coach explain what you’re doing right or wrong by looking at the app.

When you look at professionals like Rory Mcllroy, you see some serious pushing into the ground. Moreover, you see him transferring his weight correctly and peaking at the correct time. This ensures he generates the most power possible on every shot, resulting in bomb drives and precise GIR.

Rory loads his right heel with the correct weight and, as he starts his downswing, presses into the ground with both feet. From there, he turns and uses the ground to push off, making his vertical force peak at impact.

These Smart Insoles can help you get there or at the very least understand what to look for in your swing.

Who Needs Salted Smart Insoles?


No matter what your golfing ability, every player can improve with efficient weight transfer. You can record your swing and see the data run simultaneously alongside each other. If you can’t understand the data, my advice would be to get a lesson or watch videos of golfers explain what vertical and lateral pressure is and how you can relate it to your swing.

Those who play golf or go to the gym, play tennis, run, do physical therapy, etc., can use the same insoles for each activity. You just have to download the specific app and you’re off and running (or lifting or golfing or …).

training aid

Using the Insoles

With the new app interface and thinner material used for the insole, the Smart Soles Insoles are the complete package.

The insoles are less dense and more comfortable than the previous model. I like the instructions on how to make them fit your feet if they’re half size big. Once you have the insoles fitted, make sure they are fully charged and ready to go. From there, you just sync the insoles with the app and ensure you calibrate them.

Once you have everything up and running, press “record” and the data will start pouring out. You get to see every swing you take and what made this shot a good one. Or, on the flip side, see why you hit a bad shot and understand if it was correlated to weight transfer.

You can even mirror your golf swing to a professional golfer’s and see how you relate to their swing within the analysis section.

Does it Work?

Yes, it does, and it’s well worth your money.

With all the app updates since 2020, the whole experience is up there with the best. The application is easy to navigate while providing data that has the potential for you to improve.

One aspect I would like to see improved is having more recognizable professional golfers’ swings on the app. If I were buying these insoles and could compare myself to Rory Mcllroy, well, just take my money now. Right now, you can only compare yourself with professional golfers who are on the Korean LPGA or the KPGA tours. If they could get some well-known PGA TOUR players to wear the insoles and be able to use their data, I believe Salted wouldn’t be able to keep the insoles in stock.

ground reaction forces

Pricing and Availability

Those who are intrigued to find out what they’re doing with weight distribution or want to learn how to improve should definitely consider buying this product. It’s a step up from 2020 and I was all about it then but even more so now. Also, instead of buying the Smart Insoles for $229.99, you can purchase them TODAY for 10% off. This works out to $207. What more could you want?

Smart Salted Insoles

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