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Pro V1x and AVX Available with RCT (Radar Capture Technology)

  • Titleist has added AVX and Pro V1x to its RCT golf ball lineup.
  • RCT balls provide better spin capture in indoor settings.
  • Retail price is $64.99 a dozen. Available now.

a photo of Titleist RCT golf balls including the Pro V1x Left Dash and AVX.

While I’m sure many were hoping that Titleist’s next big ball announcement would be the full retail availability of the Pro V1 Left Dot, the addition of AVX and Pro V1x Left Dash to the RCT lineup will have to serve as the next best thing.

About RCT Golf Balls

As a quick refresher, Titleist debuted RCT (radar capture technology) earlier this year with the release of Pro V1 RCT and Pro V1x RCT.

Developed by Titleist in partnership with TrackMan, the idea behind RCT is to provide better spin resolution and, ultimately, more reliable spin data in indoor and limited-flight environments where the ability of Doppler-based launch monitors to accurately capture spin rates is otherwise a little dicey.

The key to the technology is a special mark printed on the mantle layer (under the urethane cover) of the golf ball. In addition to eliminating the need for one of those silly metal dot stickers, RCT simply works better.

The RCT (radar capture technology) version of the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash golf ball.

RCT Support for Other Launch Monitors

A quick aside: While RCT was designed with TrackMan for use in TrackMan environments, users of other radar-based launch monitors have reported improved spin capture when using RCT balls (both indoors and out).

I should also mention that Titleist has validated its RCT balls with the Garmin Approach R10 and it’s reasonable to assume it’s testing with other devices as well.

The addition of the AVX and Pro V1x Left Dash to the RCT lineup shouldn’t come as any real surprise. Titleist has said from the beginning that it would eventually add the other two to the RCT lineup.

a photo showing an indoor fitting using Titleist RCT golf balls

Filling the Fitting Toolbox

With AVX (low spin with soft feel) and Pro V1x Left Dash (a higher-launching, lower-spinning version of Pro V1x) in the mix, every ball in the Titleist fitting catalog now is available in an RCT version.

For the sake of clarity, while Titleist believes its other offerings are best in their respective class, it draws a line of sorts between performance options and what I suppose are best described as preference options (whether that preference is feel, color or cost doesn’t much matter).

The RCT versions of AVX and Pro V1x Left Dash are arriving right on time. Some of us are barreling towards our off-season, which for Titleist is the indoor fitting season.

The AVX RCT and Pro V1x RCT give Titleist’s ball-fitting team a full arsenal to work with as it’s conducting what I’d wager will be a significantly higher number of fittings than in off-seasons past.

For what it’s worth, the additional entries in the RCT catalog also give club fitters greater ability to fit golfers into new clubs while hitting the ball they play. It’s an often-overlooked detail that helps to ensure the best fitting possible.

A cutaway showing the Titleist AVX RCT golf gall

RCT Ball Are Different But the Same

While the RCT versions of AVX and Left Dash are technically different, at least as far as the USGA is concerned, they have the same construction and dimple patterns as, and will perform identically to, their non-RCT counterparts—not that we expect you’ll take them out on the course anyway.

Pricing and Availability

Titleist AVX and Pro 1x Left Dash golf balls are available now through authorized Titleist accounts. Retail price is $64.99 per dozen.

For more information, visit Titleist.com.

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