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New England Revolution 2017 Unified Match: Take 1

On the day of the big match between New England Revolution Unified Team and Chicago Fire Unified Team, both teams met in Boston for some pre-game fun! In order to get the full experience in Boston, the teams went on a Duck Tour around the city and then headed over to Fire and Ice for some lunch to fuel up for the match!


After the trip to Boston, both teams headed back to Gillette stadium to get ready to watch the New England Revolution Take on Chicago Fire! Before heading down to the sidelines to watch the players warm up, they went into their own locker room to grab their jerseys and get a pep talk from Andrew Farrell and Joshua Smith, two Revolution players.

Once everyone got their new personalized jerseys on, the team headed out to the sideline to watch the players warm up. Here they were greeted by dozens of fans, all asking for them to sign their Revs program, which had the Unified teams picture on it. Everyone wanted an autograph!

The  teams watched the match between New England Revolution and Chicago Fire from  box seats in the stadium, everyone getting mentally ready to take the field in a few hours. Once the game ended, the unified teams headed down to their locker rooms to get ready, and then out to the field to warm up for the big match that they had been training months for!

Once the game started, there was no slowing down either of the teams. With the fan section cheering loud, the ball went back an forth for the entirety of the match, both teams putting all their hard practice to work. The score remained zero to zero for a majority of the game, thanks to some incredible defense from the Revs Unified team as well as skillful goal-tending from both Joe Jamros and James Keith. In the end, Chicago Fire managed to score a few quick goals, resulting in them winning the match. Regardless of who won, both teams left everything they had on the field, resulting in a challenging and competitive game of soccer. At the end of the match the fan section went wild, cheering loudly and  giving high fives to both teams.

Both teams are eager to get a second shot at playing each other, fortunately, they will have that opportunity in the first week of August! The New England Revolution Unified team will travel to Chicago to play the Chicago Fire Unified team, giving them another shot at taking home a win!





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