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How to Combat Negativity – The Martial Arts Woman

Negativity is a powerful force. We live in an unpredictable world that we cannot control. How do we keep difficult times from turning us inside out and burdening us with worry?

I do not think that there is any easy answer, but if I have learned anything in my years on this planet, it is that good still exists even if we need to search high and low for it. Here are some ways that you can combat a negative world and allow positivity to filter into your life when you need it the most.


If you don’t see the light, BE the light! The one thing you can always do, no matter what, is make positive and powerful changes in yourself. Forget about others who want to be difficult. Instead, look in a new direction. What can you do or say today that is going to make a positive and powerful difference in someone’s life?

Be there for those who need you. Volunteer in some capacity. Flood your social media with positive messages. Send love to someone who needs it. Allow yourself to be a conduit through which others see hope and happiness. Be the source that reminds them that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Remind others that you are thinking of them. These are a few ways you can combat a negative world. Be a shining light because someone truly needs it today.


Photo by: Garon PiceliYou and I have many things for which to be grateful every single day. They can be small like the scent of summer flowers, or big and bold like the sun rising out of the dark. Imagine the kiss of your child upon your cheek, or their small soft hand cradled in yours. Perhaps a beautiful memory rises to the surface. For me, sitting on the front porch on my father’s lap as a young girl while listening to a baseball game on the radio brings a smile to my face. Nothing can replace that feeling.

Even when tragedy strikes, there is still goodness around you. You may temporarily shut out any positive thoughts when engrossed in sad emotions or anger. While these difficult feelings overshadow all, they do not eliminate the fact that good things or happy moments still occur. Something good happens every single day. You chat with your best friend. You read an inspiring story. You wake up feeling better from an illness. We all take these moments for granted, but we see the goodness when we step back and reassess.

The first thing I ask myself when something negative happens, is “For what am I grateful right this moment?” It takes the emphasis off the trouble and redirects my energy to a positive place even during bad times. I am always grateful first and foremost to be alive with the chance to love and cherish my family another day and then to have another opportunity to make a positive difference. I carry that gratefulness with me even if bad news unfolds around me.


How many of you think to yourselves, “I feel so guilty for not being able to do something for those who are in such a difficult situation,” or “I feel guilty that I get to live a great life when so many people are suffering?” Guilt can be a quick response when we realize that we are lucky to escape devastating scenarios.

Guilt gets you nowhere. We are all allotted one single, purposeful life full of moments that we must fill. Compassion and empathy are some of the most valuable tools we have to live empowered lives and help others. Guilt is a negative reaction. After all, you cannot control what happens in the world. You can only control your reaction and take steps  to improve the world around you.

There is no time for guilt. There is only time to forge ahead and create the best world that we can with what we have. What do we have? Among other things, we are lucky enough to have each other.


Everyone has a purpose in their time here on earth. You have choices. You can wallow in the difficulties that present themselves or you can rise up and remain steadfast in your mission with the time that you are allotted here. I know that I do not want to waste a precious moment by giving up or wallowing. I have to know that I do the very best that I can  in the time that I have. I cannot control the world, but I can definitely control how I live my life.

Martial arts gave me such a whole sense of purpose in so many ways. They empower me and improve my confidence. They give me tools to defend myself, allow me to teach others, and provide me with valuable life lessons. Although the kicks and punches are important, the ability to combat negativity is even more important. For instance, I visualize myself kicking hate into outer space. I keep my mind focused on making the world better and not contributing to the negative energy that naturally erupts around me.  When you make choices about  your life, or even daily decisions, think about if they help fulfill your personal mission and purpose. That may help you make the best decisions you can.

There are many things we cannot change. We struggle with scenarios out of our control. We easily divert to negativity. It does not need to be that way. We can make a difference. We can combat negativity by doing our best to create positive energy in a negative world.




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