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Chess Olympiad 2022 – Final Day

The 44th Chess Olympiad has come to an end. Congratulations to Uzbekistan of the Open Section and Ukraine of the Women’s section for bringing home the gold.

In the Open Section, Armenia won silver, while India 2 won bronze.

In the Women’s section, it was Georgia who won the silver medal, while India just edged out the USA for the bronze.

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Also, be sure to check out our Olympiad course, featuring tactics and a breakdown of each day’s most important happenings, exclusive for Chessable Pro members.

The 2022 Chennai Olympiad is over! The final round began 5 hours earlier than previous days but we were onsite from the start to catch the crowds arriving.

The young Uzbekistan team were deserving winners of the open event.

And Ukraine took gold in the women’s section.

Soon after publishing his first Chessable course, David Howell secured an individual gold medal!

Chessable sponsored the Jersey women’s team in their first ever Olympiad and they put in an incredible performance! Despite only having one rated player at the start of the event, three of them secured the first part of the WCM title.

We’ll be talking to them later about which Chessable courses helped them the most!