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Can You Offer a Ball Recommendation?

Name: Ron                                                                       Mon, Aug 31, 2009

Subject: Bowling Ball

Question: Well my wife bought me a new ball (Hammer Black Widow Venom) 

I was out of bowling for a few years and the ball really doesn’t work for me. I throw a strong hook and a fast ball.

The Venom definitely has too much hook as I really cannot control it. I am right handed and if I hit the 1-2 pocket I am lucky because it hooks way left. I have used the ball for about a year now on multiple types of oil surfaces.

I have tried changing my position and speed and everything else but I really just think I need a different ball that will hook much less.

Can you offer a recommendation?

I am a average bowler as a sub in a league.

Just looking for some advice on a ball with less hook than the Venom.

I was possibly considering based on reviews I have read. I am considering the Brunswick Swarm which has a hook of a 105 on a scales of 10 – 175 as compared to the Venom which has a hook of 115 based on a scale of 10-160

Answer: Ron,

First change the surface of the ball from the very shiny out of box (4000) to something that will burn energy off (1000) before the big move down the lane. That should help some. A different layout will also get the ball to roll much milder also. If you want to plug the ball.

Not knowing anything about your rev rate, speed (other than hard), tilt, rotation and lane conditions, its near impossible to suggest a ball. Where do you want to play on the lane? Up the boards? swing the ball a little? point the ball to the pocket? Where do you place your slide foot at set-up? RH or LH? Do you drift? Where does your slide foot finish at the foul line? What is your target on the lane from the set-up described? Do you have a previous ball that you liked? 

How much less would you like the new ball to hook? Hook JUST less or later? Earlier? The Swarm is less ball but I’m not sure how much less you’ll need. Yet.

Let me know more and I can get a handle on the situation. Thanks for the question.

Question? Please contact me at [email protected].



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