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Beats To Play Chess To: Lofi Girl Unveils New Playlist

She spends her days—and nights—helping people focus on work and study, so this may not surprise you. But Lofi Girl now plays chess.

The beloved anime character, who has become a global sensation with her unique blend of music and visuals, has created a new set of tunes to play and watch the cerebral game to.

Lofi Girl’s’ playlist features more than 20 relaxing tracks and is available to enjoy now on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and every streaming platform. Vinyl copies of the playlist are also available to buy here. It is part of a new partnership between Lofi Girl Records and Chess.com to celebrate the greatest tournament in chess, the Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023.

Enjoy the playlist here:

Eight of the world’s top players, led by world number-one GM Magnus Carlsen and the hugely popular American streamer GM Hikaru Nakamura, will go head-to-head in Chess.com’s end-of-season event in Toronto later this month.

It is the premier season-long event in chess. With $500,000 and the title of 2023 Tour Champion on the line, the Tour Finals will be stressful both for players and fans. So why not settle down to listen with Lofi Girl?

Chess.com’s CEO Erik Allebest said: “We’ve known for a long time now how good Lofi Girl is to work, study, and play chess to. In fact, I love it myself.

“So this partnership is the perfect gift to the chess community and beyond. We hope this unique playlist helps you focus even better when you play and find more of those brilliant moves on Chess.com.”

Lofi Girl listeners can also join the dedicated Lofi Girl club on Chess.com and the Lofi Girl Discord here. Chess.com’s social media sites will also feature a chance to win exclusive signed vinyl copies of the playlist.

Lofi Girl is an Official Partner of the CCT Finals. Look out for her on the official tournament broadcast on Chess.com/tv from December 9 to 16.



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