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Basement Home Bowling Alley Installation on East Coast By Funk Bowling

Would you like to build a bowling alley inside your house? We’ve helped many customers create completely personalized bowling experiences that fit right into their homes and we can help bring your dream to life too!
Our residential bowling package is custom built to fit your home’s space and design. As a manufacturer, we can make highly customized products for your home. Check out this awesome basement home alley installation on the east coast!

The Project

We are presented with all kinds of home bowling lane installations that require an extremely customized approach to fit the space while also offering a completely personalized design. After all, no two houses are exactly the same. That being said, this project was completed with our newest offering: Flex Lanes! We recently completed a home bowling alley installation project for a client on the east coast of the United States and the result was exactly what the client was looking for. 

The project features a single elevated lane with an above-ground ball return and the latest Funk scoring system and string pinsetter. The client added some personal touches that really personalized the bowling experience, making it one of a kind. It was a really fun project to work on. 

Let’s bring your in-home bowling alley dream to life – schedule a call today!

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