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2022 US Gymnastics Nationals | Gymtruthteller’s Blog


Junior Women [Day 1] [Both days combined] [Event Finals]

Senior Woman [Day 1] [Both days combined] [Event Finals]

[Live Scoring] inept USAG has no live link so I found this from classics. It should be live tomorrow

Men live [Night 1] Their bonus system is a complete joke.

[Article] Junior start lists [Day 1] [Day 2]

Senior Start lists [Day 1] [Day 2]

Night two opinions

Leanne was lowballed on beam. Konnor was ridicuously overscored on beam and Floor. She got the same start value when she messed up her wolf turn and should not have been given credit. Shilese fell twice and you can’t win if you fall twice unless your name is Simone Biles but they were making sure she won if Shilese messed up. They are cheating for her. Why is this not a problem with anyone? And what was with Konnor walked around with her arms folded half the night? Is that a nerve thing? Jade was overscored on all events but considering how they promoted her all night, I was expecting worse. Overall I feel like Jordan Chiles got the shaft here. Her vault’s were better than Konnor and she scored less. She had better landings then Shilese. Kayla also was nit picked to death by these judges. i didn’t notice until I read it somewhere but Skye Blakely fell night one on beam and got in teh 13’s but hit on night two, with two bobbles smaller than Konnor but she got a 12.950. These judges need to be investigated. I say that every year:) Leanne tied with Shilese for the bar title. It should have been hers alone. Jordan was third, Nola was 4th. Skye was 5th. On beam, Konnor won with Ciena Alipio second, Kayla 3rd, Jordan 4th, Jong and Leanne tied for 5th. (Leanne should have been top 3, so should have Jordan. Ciena, we didn’t get to see. On floor, Shilese was 1st, Jade second and Jordan 3rd, Konnor was 4th, Kayla 5th and Skye sixth. Jade won vault, and Jocelyn Roberson was second. No one else competed two vaults.

Kelli Hill is retiring. Thank Dawes for that.

Podium Training

[Junior podium training] [Senior Men’s podium training] [Junior Mens podium training]

Woman’s podium training is at 5 PM tonight, Wednesday August 17th

(Senior woman are live on the Olympic channel for night 1 (Which I don’t have) Senior woman are on Peacock for day 2 (Not NBC apparently) Juniors are on flip (paywall)

Podium training observations: [Leanne on bars ] [Jade’s Lopez] [Carey’s bars] [Shilese bars]

Some piked down vaults from Jade. Leanne hit two, full twisting paks in a row after messing up about earlier. Skye looks great on beam the two times I saw her. Konnor had a lot of bobbles but didn’t fall (when I was watching) Some great DTYs from Chiles. Skye just did her front handspring, punch front perfectly. Hope she doesn’t keep this consistency in practice, and brings it to competition. Another hit, Full twisting pak for Leanne. Though I think she messed up something after, that bar routine looked long. She missed her first handstand but hit her next two… Chiles just nailed bars. Not sure about a start value but that was great…. Jade did some of her old skills on bars but the form was really weak. You could see the legs come apart even from far away and the flexed feet…. Shilese off on her toe on Tkachev. (SP. I HATE this word.lol) Another bar routine hit from Chiles. (Spoiler) Olivia Greaves (I think) hitting her bar routine albeit messy, missed handstands… Leanne did some beam skills and hot them but I was watching bars… Shilese hit her bars, some short handstands and form issues but stayed on… Jade did a piked, toe on Tkachev, connected to an inside the bar Geinger but the form issues were glaring. There is no way the judges can’t see her missed handstands and form. I noticed them. Everyone else in this rotation is so much cleaner…. Leanne hit her beam with a few bobbles.. Whoever the girl in red is on bars can’t get throw her routine. It has to be either Nola or Charlotte… Floor is too far away to notice much. Proof of Carey’s form. Why can’t the judges see this? Hit bars from Kayla. Jade was much better on beam here though those leaps. Missed connection but very steady.Pretty sure theHands down on dismGunt for jade. Really cheated jumps this time. Leanne is on floor. Didn’t do her first pass. Bobble second. Too far back. Konnor hitting her DTY’s nicely. Skye a bit bouncy. Jordan fell on her mount (a layout on to the beam) and had a short dismount but she looks much better than I thought she would. Add her to the list of potential winners. Girl in red is Nola from watching her on beams. Skye just had some killer handstands on bars. Feet issues. Konnor went after her and had some great handstands too but also missed a few, and the same messy form. I’m bored. See ya later. I’ll add any video I find later.

Start list thoughts

You can usually tell who USAG wants to win by who starts where. Leanne of course starts on her worst event, bars. Jade of course starts on her best event, Vault. What gets interesting is Konnor starts on beam. If it was anyone else I would say, USAG wants them to lose, but since it’s Konnor, I add that to the set up to succeed category because she doesn’t have to wait. She gets the one event she is good at , out of the way to boost her confidence. Chiles & Shilese Jones start on vault. Konnor is in a group with Skye Blakely. (Who starts on beam, way to shatter her nerves for the rest of the competition) The only gymnast in a group with no other gymnast, USAG would consider their top group of chances to win is Leanne. I forgot about Kayla Dicello. Her group doesn’t really have anyone either.**** I forgot Lexi Zeiss. Pan Am’s silver medalist.

This of course takes into consideration that gyms stay together at Nationals. Leanne has 2 other Gage girls. Kayla does have, Elle Mueller who did well recently at I am thinking Jesolo?(Who remembers this crap) and Katelyn Rosen, who has potential. Leanne however has no one unless you count Addison Fatta (I don’t. No offense to Addison but College is her future, not really Elite. Leanne also has, Katelyn Jong who was junior champ a few years ago, but USAG has shown her no love, so who knows where she stands.

Day 2 start list discussion:

On day 2, Rotation 1, Konnor starts on vault. She’s up 4th, with Blakely up last. Kayla starts on bars (up 5th) Lexi Zeiss is up last. Jade starts on beam (up second) Shilese (up first) and Chiles up 4th (out of 5) Leanne starts on Floor and she’s first. Second rotation, Leanne is last on vault. Konnor then Skye (3rd and 4th on bars) Kayla third on beam. Lexi Zeiss up 4th, Jade is on floor (1st) Chiles (3rd) and Shilese (last) In the third rotation, Chiles is up 2nd on vault. Shilese is 4th, Jade is of course, last. Leanne is up 5th on bars. Konnor and Skye go second and third on beam, and Kayla is second on floor. Lexi Zeiss is up 3rd. In the last rotation, Kayla starts on vault and she’s up first. Lexi Zeiss is up last Jordan ends on bars (up first) Shilese is 4th and Jade is 5th. Leanne ends on beam, she will compete 3rd, and Konnor and Skye go first and second on floor, because that will close out the meet. (Gotta make sure they get in the room) Olivia Greaves is only doing bars. She joins the Jade, Shilese, Jordan group on day two, up last on bars.

Moral of the story. Now that the Olympic judges put Jade in an AA final ESPECIALLY on bars, cue the gift scoring. They have their excuse to pretend she’s an AA gymnast and wasn’t disgustingly overscored throughout the 2020/22 Olympics. If Konnor hits (and by hits I mean doesn’t fall more than twice) this should be her competition to win. USAG see’s her as their golden child coached by Liukin, the man that “got away” Shilese has a shot to win because the scoring for her gets more suspect as we go along. While I am still here for Shilese I want her to be scored fairly. USAG is known for being unfair. I fully expect Jade to sneak into bronze. USAG has Leanne end on beam. That is telling. I don’t make predictions because, (you know, the beam is 4 inches wide) but I think the only 3 gymnasts USAG will let win are Konnor, Shilese and Jade. Leanne needs to be the girl who hit 4 for 4 twice at Worlds last year to even have a chance. Jordan Chiles, Elle Mueller, Skye Blakely, Kayla Dicello, Katelyn Jong, Katelyn Rosen are the second tier group. Ciena Alipio and Addison Fatta are names we have heard recently. ***** I forgot Lexi Zeiss. She won the silver medal at the pan Am games. Add her to the list. So sorry Lexie. Let me go ass you to the top groups.



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