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When to Keep Your Head Down

When to Keep Your Head Down

I recently read an article stating that the worst golf tip ever was “to keep your head down” during your swing. This may be somewhat true but there are times when your can really benefit from keeping your eye on the ball.

That article quoted Bobby Jones. “The average golfer would be a lot better off if no one had ever said anything about the necessity for keeping the eyes glued upon the ball.”

Lifting your leading shoulder as you lift your head during your downswing is really the motion that you WANT TO AVOID for your drives or iron shots. Keeping your eye on the ball DURING THE POINT OF IMPACT is really important. I have watched many professional golfers [INCLUDING RORY MCILROY] during a slow motion swing that clearly show them keeping their head motionless (and their eye on the ball) until the time directly after impact.

Rory McIlroy definitely keeps his head down and his eye on the ball when he is driving or hitting iron shots or putting. Holding that position after impact is the problem.

Bobby Jones and many other pros are only trying to avoid ruining a perfect swing by eliminating the shoulder turn and follow through that you need to complete the ideal swing. So don’t mess up your swing by locking your head and eyes on your ball AFTER the point of impact.

Lock Your Eyes on the Ball when Putting
There is a time when it is extremely critical to keep you head locked down and your eyes focused on the point where your ball is resting. Do this during your PUTTING STROKE. It’s extremely sensitive to any motion which changes your exact line-up with your TARGET LINE. Your minds eye in your brain is actually controlling the target line that your planned to hit.

The best putters like Cameron Smith and Rory McIlroy hold the stare of their eyes directly on THE IMPACT POINT ON THE BACK OF THEIR BALL until ONE second after the impact with their ball. There is no benefit in letting your eyes follow the ball immediately after the impact with your putter. The point of impact is only an instant but the shift of your eyes and and the sway of your head and spine can easily destroy the impact direction for your putt.

-Make a practice swing
to feel the amount of swing required to pass the hole by 12 to 15 inches. -Choose a target line to allow your putt to drop down from your expected break to the hole.
-Focus your eyes on the distance to your hole and then trace your target line back to the impact point on the back edge of your ball.
-Swing with your shoulders and keep your eyes focused on the impact point for 1 second after impact.

Learn the right way to keep you eyes on your ball for every swing. For your power clubs (driver and irons) make sure to follow-through with your eyes and body to complete your swing. For putting, learn to lock your leading wrist by practicing with GOLFSTR+ and holding you focus on the ball for one second after impact. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

Thought for the Day: The only sure way to get a par is to leave a 4-foot birdie putt 2 inches from the hole.




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