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Ukraine Government Set to Sell NFTs to Fund its Military

The Ukraine government has made an official announcement on Twitter that it will be using NFTs as a tool to fund its military so as to defend Ukraine against Russian invasion. This came after the Russian Government received more than $100 million from different donation programmes.

Recall that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, declared a war on Ukraine on the 24th of Feb and started invading the Ukrainian territory thereafter which lead to more than 1.2 million people fleeing the country for safety. The United States supported Ukraine by imposing a long term devastating sactions on the Russian government and its allies. Top brands such as YouTube, PayPal, Zara, Dmarket, Apple and Samsung also ended their operations in Russia.

The Ukraine government has however received millions of dollars worth of donations from the crypto communities and other platforms since the Russian invasion began. The Crypto Fund of Ukraine raised $50 million within a week to support Ukraine, Dmarket donated $11 million plus , Elon Musk sent Starlink Statelite to restore internet connection in Ukraine and so on.

The Ukraine government has now made it known to the world via a tweet from the country’s Vice Prime Minister “Mykhailo Fedorov” that they will be working on NFTs to fund the Ukraine military in the fight against Russian invasion. However, the date, marketplace and other informations about the NFTs has not been announced.

Make sure you stay connected to WrestlingGist to get more informations about the NFTs that will be released by the Ukrainian government to supports its arm forces.



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