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The Universal Language of Martial Arts

The Beginning

In the beginning, I was not that attracted to martial arts. Soon afterwards, though, I quietly pledged to keep them a part of my life because I could see the benefits accumulating. I learned the most powerful truth about myself and that is that I have the ability to be whatever I want, and that’s a far stretch from just performing a kick.

Martial arts guide me through the twists and turns in my life. That is part of the martial art allure to me and what’s kept me learning and teaching all these years. Perhaps martial arts are not a passage way for you, but even for non-martial artists there exists the opportunity to learn about life by being exposed to martial art concepts and martial artists. Martial art mastery is definitely a form of communication that breaks through boundaries.

The Best Part

The best part for me is not the actual physical martial art practice. Rather, I am captivated by how I can use a martial art thought process or mindset, and my own self-discovery, to motivate others through writings and outreach. I carefully apply my personal beliefs, abilities, and strengths to my practice and then funnel them back through my life into the lives of others. It’s a life-line, really, that never stops and travels like blood through my veins.

I communicate with martial artists all over the world. We have different upbringings, religions, and beliefs. Somehow, there is an innate and concrete commonality with martial artists. A punch is a punch, a kick is a kick, a breath is a breath, and a personal achievement is personal achievement. No matter where, no matter how, martial arts bring people from all over the world together. It is a consistent and dedicated form of communication.

No Words Needed

In its most basic form of martial art practice, no words need to be spoken and no language barriers exist. Martial artists show respect with a bow or an expression and quietly encourage each other in that type of simplicity. This is artful language and a connection that you cannot find elsewhere. Teaching is a series of actions, techniques, skills and mindset. Knowledge, affirmations, strengths and expertise are shared to help you move past the ordinary.

All of this can and should be applied to your life. Simple truths about the human spirit resonate through martial arts.

Martial arts involve love… love of spirit, growth, style, strength and achievement. Each martial artist has different reasons for which they are drawn to learning and a different love for it. In the end, though, martial arts are a core communication not just in the dojo, but in life.


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