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The Sports Archives – How To Find Your Fitness Motivation


Everything in life is a lot easier when you are fit and healthy. Even though we all know this, sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to get healthier and fitter, especially when we’re busy with other things and don’t have much time for anything else. But because so much depends on how well we take care of our health, we also need to make sure that we stay motivated. Here are some ways to get and keep the drive to work out.

Photo by Victor Freitas

When you work out with a friend, your motivation goes through the roof. It’s also good for both of you, so you’re helping someone out while doing something good for yourself.

When you work out with a partner, you can push each other to the next level and help each other reach your next goal. Also, when someone else is looking out for you, you will have to be held accountable. For example, it will be harder to skip an early morning run if someone is counting on you to go with them on theirs.

Taking that last idea a step further, why not hire a personal trainer? Again, you’ll have to answer to someone, but you’ll also know that you’re working out the right way for you if an expert makes you a personalized training plan. Follow their instructions while they are right there with you, and you’ll know you’re going to do well. That’s a good way to get yourself going.

It may seem unusual, but once you have bought a good set of gym gear to work out in, your motivation will grow. Not only will you not want to waste the cash you spent on these clothes, but wearing them will make you feel much more prepared to go for a run, utilize your home treadmill, use your weight plates (you can learn more about them here), or even go to the gym if possible.

The more you like the clothes you bought for yourself, the more you’ll look forward to wearing them, and the more prepared you’ll be for your exercise regime, whatever shape or form it takes. They say that ‘clothing maketh the man,’ and when it comes to staying in shape, clothes really make a difference for both men and women.

One of the biggest problems with getting fit is that there are no goals. Without goals, you don’t know what you want to get out of it, which can make it hard to stay motivated. On the other hand, you might have set goals that are much longer-term and harder to reach. When you don’t reach them as quickly as you wanted or thought you would, your motivation can start to slip.

Goals are important to keep moving in the right direction, but they should be small and easy to reach. Once you reach one, you’ll feel much more motivated and be ready to move on to the next one right away.



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