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The Sports Archives – How to Create Fitness Patterns in Your Life

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Fitness patterns are the perfect place to start if you want to improve your fitness without too much inconvenience. Look for times in your life when you have a natural lull and earmark this time for a trip to the gym or a micro workout at home. Soon you will see the difference. 

Consistent Times 

Creating effective fitness patterns is as much about setting realistic aspirations as it is about finding the time in your life for exercising. When it comes to fitness, you need to think long-term and avoid creating goals and ambitions for your physical fitness that you always fail to reach.

Instead, set up a consistent time to go to the gym or workout in your home. Make this a time when you are free and motivated; it should be some natural downtime in your week so that it’s generally available. Look out for time in your life when you could realistically workout with ease.

Fitness Planning 

Finding time for workouts is not the only challenge you face; how you spend your time in the gym is equally as important. Do you attend the gym only to find that you wander around the machines without much of an idea of what to do next? It wastes time and is counter-productive. 

Instead, plan your gym sessions. Think about what muscle groups you want to work on when you’re in session and what machines you plan to use. Keeping a workout journal or planner is sensible because it allows you to keep track of what machines you’re using and your progress.  

Warm-ups and Downs

Don’t forget to warm up and warm down. When most people go to the gym, they are tight on time, so they simply jump onto the treadmill without stretching or warming up their muscles. Similarly, when the session is finished, people tend to shoot straight off because of various time factors. 

However, planning a dynamic warm-up and warm-down into your fitness routine is very important. Spend five or ten minutes before training with some dynamic warm-up moves. The idea is to stretch your muscles and improve blood flow to avoid injuries and help you train better.  

Micro Workout Routines 

If you’re really stuck for time, you could consider micro workout routines that you can integrate into a busy working day. A micro workout lasts for about fifteen minutes. Done correctly, these short sessions can increase your stamina and build your strength with your war belt setup

Depending on where you work and how busy you are, you can improvise micro workouts in between other tasks. If you are waiting for food to cook or someone to return a call, you can perform micro strength exercises that help build strength in the time it takes to boil the kettle.   

Set Targets 

Although patterns are more important than targets in general, it’s still sensible to have a fitness target in mind when you begin your routine. Make your targets specific rather than general; for instance, aim to achieve a certain distance on the treadmill or perform and number of press-ups.   




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