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Shot Scope LX+ Review | MyGolfSpy

If you’re still pacing off your yardages, you’re potentially losing out on shooting lower scores.

Rangefinder technology is continuously evolving. Companies like Bushnell Golf and Garmin are jam-packing their rangefinders with visual hole layover, wind direction, hazard yardage line … the list goes on.

However, there’s another company that just might be outdoing those big names when it comes to tech integration.

I present the Shot Scope LX+.

Shot Scope LX+

Shot Scope LX+ Product Details

For those who are not familiar with Shot Scope, they’re based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They produce high-performing GPS watches/handhelds, shot tracking and, in recent years, golf rangefinders. After testing the Shot Scope LX+, I can tell you it’s in a league of its own when it comes to technology.

The LX+ is a combination of their H4/shot tracking and the LX rangefinder. With this combination, you get GPS readouts, performance tracking, red and black dual optics, plus adaptive slope technology. Where the Shot Scope LX+ outshines the competition is with its GPS and performance tracking capabilities, in my opinion.

That’s not all. Here is a list of just a sampling of what the LX+ has to offer:


  • F/M/B GPS distances
  • Adaptive slope technology
  • Black and red dual optics
  • Performance tracking
  • 36,000+ pre-loaded courses
  • Strokes Gained analysis
  • Personal club selection based on personal data


  • Struggles to pick up target from time to time

How We Test 

The Shot Scope LX+ was part of our 2022 Most Wanted Golf Rangefinder Test. We spent 24 hours testing 24 products while using the Foresight GCQuad as our control launch monitor. The metrics used to complete this testing include accuracy, speed, optics, display and features, resulting in an overall rating.

Shot Scope LX+ Review

The new Shot Scope LX+ rangefinder scored 88 out of 100 overall.

If you ask me, the $299.99 price tag is incredibly reasonable compared to other rangefinders with less technology. For instance, Bushnell Pro XE has similar tech but you’re paying $549 for the unit. The LX+ has a lot of the same features but has something the Pro XE doesn’t: performance tracking tags to keep tracking your distances for every club and identify where your strengths and weaknesses are via Strokes Gained.

When looking at the main purpose of a rangefinder, the primary criterion is accuracy.

Shot Scope LX+


A laser rangefinder is useless if it’s not accurate. By and large, the rangefinders we tested read within five yards of each other. Lasers that consistently give the same number every time provide much-needed confidence that the reading can be trusted. We test each laser rigorously to verify that the numbers provided are accurate and consistent.

Unfortunately, the Shot Scope LX+ had a hard time picking up the flag from time to time when the background isn’t in contrast to the flag color. However, when it did pick the flag up, it was accurate within two yards of the best unit on the market.

Shot Scope LX+

Optics and Display

When we talk about the optics of laser rangefinders, we’re focused on the clarity of the viewfinder and the digital display. The simpler the display, the easier it is to understand—for the most part. Some rangefinders spell out the actual yardage and adjusted slope yardage to ensure there’s no confusion. Most units include a diopter adjustment to improve focus.

The clarity of the lens allows you to easily lock on a target and get an accurate yardage. The Shot Scope Pro LX+ has a separate GPS unit attached to identify front, middle and back as well as all hazards.

Shot Scope LX+


While accuracy is a rangefinder’s main priority, it’s not everything golfers look for. Many units are limited to just slope. Some have features that measure that weather, have GPS layovers on the display and track every shot.

The Shot Scope LX+ incorporates an abundance of features which provides you with all the tools to hit it close. And once your round is complete, you can dive into the data of your round using Strokes Gained.

Bottom Line 

The Shot Scope LX+ needs to be on your potential purchase list. For the price and the technology, it’s up there with the best. Yes, the LX+ can struggle with picking up the flag from time to time but even the best laser rangefinders have areas to improve.

I like the introduction of the handheld GPS device on the unit and it gives you quick and easy readouts when needed. The Dual Optics Display and Comfort Stability Grip are welcome additions.

But where the Shot Scope LX+ shines is the ability to track your yardages, GIR, FIR, the whole nine yards. Yes, it’s similar to Arccos Golf performance tracking but the LX+ tags/sensors are thin and don’t add an inch onto your club. If you ask me, this is a huge win for Shot Scope.

Shot Scope LX+

Shot Scope LX+ – FAQ

What are the most feature-rich rangefinders?

When testing the likes of the Bushnell Tour V5, Precision Pro NX7 or the Blue Tees golf rangefinders, the Garmin Approach Z82 ranks in the top three for features. The Z82 by Garmin includes front, middle and back yardages while projecting a hole layover on the display. It also has a scan mode for quick yardages from target to target without clicking twice. It also includes 15 hours of battery life.

Does the Shot Scope LX+ come with club tags?

Yes. It comes with 14 tags that you simply insert into the grip of your clubs, download the app and you’re ready to collect data. Just remember to tap the H4 GPS unit attached to the rangefinder to record the shot.

Does it matter what golf course I play for any rangefinder to work??

Whatever golf rangefinder you might have, it will work on any golf course around the world. If you have a slope rangefinder, the accuracy may differ depending on the brand. For the most accurate distances, you should look for Bushnell Golf rangefinders.

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