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Sept. 17, 2022 — LIVEBLOGGING Clinton North Hunterdon (N.J.) at Woolwich Kingsway (N.J.)

FULL TIME The final whistle sounds with Kingsway winning 3-1. We will have a story and box score later today

58:10 NHHS PC Long shot hits the tire on the outside of the cage

54:46 NHHS GOAL The Lions pull one back through the efforts of Masters but Kingsway still leads 3-1

51:30 KHS PC A long shot hits a North defender behind the goalie and a stroke is duly called

51:52 KHS PS Allie Patel pings the inner back post; fine stroke! Kingsway leads 3-0

48:20 NHS GREEN Lions penalized for a 5-yard encroachment

47:50 Karlie Mertz takes a wedge on the right wing but runs out of room

45:00 The fourth quarter is on

END 3rd The siren ends the third term with Kingsway leading 2-0

41:00 Masters comes in from the left wing, aims a backhander that just misses the top corner

37:30 KHS PC Masters interposed herself in a three-way passing play; 16y free out is the result

36:56 KHS PC Long angled shot put on cafe but saved off the line!

36:30 KHS PC Masters sniffs out the corner but a foot; will re-rack

33:59 Timeout, North Hunterdon

31:30 KHS PC A deflected shot finds its way over the goal line! Hard to see who scored but Kingsway stakes it’s way to a 2-0 lead

30:00 The third quarter is under way

HALFTIME The Lion defenders have been resilient and smart in cutting out Dragon offensive chances; can this continue in the second half?

HALFTIME The stars are out to play today on the offensive end, as Sanchez and Masters have each threatened the goal. But give a call to North Hunterdon’s backliners, who have been outstanding thus far

END HALF Going to the break, Kingsway has a 1-0 lead

26:30 Masters with a free hit in a promising position; the angled pass somehow eludes two open teammates and goes over the end line for a 16m

22:35 KHS GOAL Sabrina McGroarty pings the stroke and Kingsway leads 1-0

22:35 Kingsway runs a 2-on-1 and beats the goalie; a defender falls on the ball and a stroke is called

22:00 Bella Sanchez breaks in on the left wing and aims a shot but the goalie is equal

17:00 KHS PC Hi-lo to the left wing is read and cleared by the North Hunterdon defense, who has been playing very well today

15:00 The second term is under way

END 1ST The sides are scoreless at the siren

12:30 Kingsway works it to the second-goal area for a pass to the stroke mark but the North Hunterdon defense sniffs out the play and clears

9:30 KHS PC Option-right whistled down for danger

8:30 KHS PC Option-right is whiffed

7:30 KHS PC Option-left is blocked over the end line for a 23m free-in

5:06 Masters thunders into the circle and blasts her shot attempt wide of the cage

0:45 KHS PC Shot too high coming in

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME North Hunterdon is in the all-green with gold trim and numbers; Kingsway is in the white with black kilts and red numerals

PREGAME The teams are warming up under bright blue skies, temperatures around 75 degrees

PREGAME A common opponent for these two sides is The Lawrenceville (N.J.) School. Kingsway beat Lawrenceville 5-0 and North came out a 1-0 victor

PREGAME A huge key for both these teams is their ability to focus on the here and now. Both teams would not be blamed for looking forward to their participation in next weekend’s National High School Invitational, but their coaches will have them focus on the task at hand

PREGAME There have been some significant results on both sides of the ledger, ones which jumble up the rankings like a game of Boggle. This week, the Lions lost to Basking Ridge Ridge (N.J.). Also, Kingsway went up north and beat Non-Public champion Summit Oak Knoll (N.J.)

PREGAME Kingsway, coached by Dana Ott, could be the Group IV team that unseats Eastern in the South Jersey ranks this season. The Dragons are led by forward Isabella Sanchez

PREGAME North is the defending state Group III champions. It is a team that truly found itself last year, winning the treble (county tournament, sectional, and state championship) thanks to Geoffrey Chrisman’s coaching. The Lions are led by senior Lauren Masters, a forward with tremendous skills

PREGAME Kingsway is 3-0 this season; North Hunterdon is 3-1

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Barchuk Field for this intersectional field hockey game between Clinton North Hunterdon (N.J.) and Woolwich Kingsway (N.J.)



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