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Russian Cup, US Pan-Am team named. European teams named

Russian Cup results [Day one] In Russian [Day 2 and Overall]

AA: 1. Melnikova 2. Vladislava Urazova 3. Minaeva

Event Finals

Vault : 1. Melnikova 2. Alina Shklokova 3. Eleonora Afanasyeva

Uneven Bars: 1. Lustunova 2. Melnikova 3. Maria Minaeva

Balance Beam: [Video] 1. Yana Vorona 2. Melnikova 14.100 3. Zubova

Floor: 1. Melnikova 2. Maria Agafonova 3. Maria Minaeva


Pretty much a complete mess. Melnikova who leads fell on beam then off beam (dismount) and still got a 13.266 which means you can tell how badly the judges favored her. She almost fell twice on floor too.

  1. Angelina Melnikova 2. Vlada Urasova 3. Maria Minaeva [VT] [UB] [BB] [FL] 4. Maria Agafonova 5. Elena Gerasimova. [VT] [UB] [BB] [FL] 6. Alyona Glotova [VT] [UB] [BB] [FL] 7. Arina Semukhina [VT] [UB] [BB] [FL] 8. Yana Vorona [VT] [UB] [BB] [FL] Others: Listunova [Bars]

Pan Am Team [USAG Article]

Senior: Dicello, Skye Blakely, Zoe Miller, Elle Mueller, Lexie Zeiss Alt; Addison Fatta

Junior: Tiana Sumanasekera, Zoey Molomo, Alicia Zhou, Dulcy Caylor Alt: Audrey Snyder

And now, The US named their Pan Am team and some fishy conclusions went on there too. Kayla Dicello only got in the 12’s on vault and in the 11’s on beam, finishing 7th yet still made the team over Addison Fatta who finished 3rd on Day one and 5th on day 2. Kayla was first on day 2 but with unimpressive scores. Why even pretend the results decided the team?

Senior Results

Day 1 [All around] Day 2 [Two Events]

Junior Results

Day 1 [All Around] Day 2 [Two Events]

It’s going to suck for all these girls if the Olympians come back and get unfairly favored because none of them will have a shot at making the Olympic team. Suni and Jade will be put on the team if they show up. That leaves 3 spots. Of the juniors, Tiana Sumanasekera seems to have the best scores internationally to place her on the Olympic team if she stays healthy. Skye has a great beam. Miller has a high start value on bars (though gross nasty form) Plus someone will sneak up the rankings we never heard of. Don’t count out Leanne. No one has been great so far. Should be interesting. This is the gap year where gymnasts who do well are usually out of it in two years time.

European teams named [Full woman’s list]


Senior: Ana Maria Barbosu Andreea Preda Ioana Stanciulescu Mara Ceplinschi Silviana Sfiringu

Junior: Amalia Ghigoarta (07) Amalia Puflea (07) Crina Tudor (08) Sabrina Voinea (07) Teodora Stoian (08)

Great Britain

[Junior team]

[Senior Team] Jessica Gadirova, Jennifer Gadirova, Alice Kinsella, Ondine Achampong. Georgia Mae Fenton


Senior: Alice D’Amato, Asia D’Amato, Martina Maggio, Giorgia Villa, Angela Andreloi



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