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Reviewed – Osaka Pro Tour 100 Hockey Stick

Now, how does the Osaka Pro Tour 100 hockey stick perform? Most noticeable is how the soft-touch grip dampens the shocks from tackles and miss-hits. I found the stick to be well balanced with quite a large sweet spot. The low bow makes it easy to lift the ball, perfect for shooting at goal. For tighter play, the feedback while dribbling gives you confidence. I found my reverse edge tomahawk was spot on every time thanks to a large sweet spot.

While the power transfer on slap shots was impressive, I did find it hard to keep the ball planted. A problem well and truly made up for by the extra confidence you’ll have during aerials, slap hitting, and drag flicking.

While this is not an entry-level hockey stick, if you want to give yourself an advantage, the Osaka Pro Tour 100 range will have your teammates wondering what hockey camp you went to over the offseason!



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