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On The Road…Again

Boston shoot was a long day of hard work and few matches. Braden no-showed again. Getting tired of that. On top of that, ended up getting sick during my last match (NHB Fights) so ended up in the shower for an hour trying to settle my stomach then passing out early instead of grabbing dinner with a couple guys after the shoot.

Spent some time wandering around the lighthouses of Gloucester, Massachusetts then around the Seaport in Boston. Drove home Saturday night so I could wake up bright-and-early for a live pro wrestling event at a VERY small town local fair. This is my 2nd to last pro match in the New England area for the year (as of right now) and Friday I’ll be promoting an event just 4 days before starting my road trip. 

Sorry to anyone who purchased the Steel Man vs. Prowler video. There was an issue with the compression of the video, so I spent a day trying to resolve it. Thanks for your patience and understanding with that.

Oh yeah, I just was on the local morning news. I don’t know how people get up that early, but hopefully it went well. We have a Fundraiser coming up on Friday, September 9th. If you’d like to donate to Christmas For The Kids you can donate through this link Paypal.me/BranchOfLifeCharity 


After the stressful running of a live pro wrestling event, I get to pack up in preparation for my travels south to Florida.

I’m going to leave September 13th to hang with Jonny Firestorm. Maybe film a match or 2. I’ll swing to New Jersey after dinner to spend a day hanging on the beach near Atlantic City. I actually used to spend some time near inland from there when I was a child, so it’ll be cool going back to see places I haven’t seen in 25 years.

On September 15th, I’ll be doing a shoot in Philly/New Jersey. Currently looking for a 10×10 mat or 12×12 mat in the area that I can borrow. Anyone got one I could use?

-Calvin Rogers aka Austin Lynch
-Zach Reno
-Mark Muscle
-Ethan Andrews
-Zach Altovito
-John Wolfboy
-Sid Shaw



I’ll be headed to North Carolina for a couple matches the next day. It’ll be nice to get out of the car and to get some energy out…if I have any left from the long film day and hundreds of miles in a car.

Shooting in Columbia, South Carolina on September 17th. I haven’t been to this part of SC in a long while, but used to stop for a match many times over the years. Will be nice to see an old foe and film some matches in a new location.

-Tanner Ripley
-Elite Eliot
-Brandon Byers
-Worth from SC


The final trek will be through Daytona Beach where I’ll hopefully make it in time to see a friend who is in hospice care. I told him, I’d try to get Buff Bagwell to make special visit, but just found out the ol’ boy is in rehab, so that may not be able to happen. Oh well, my buddy will have to settle on me coming through the door instead of the American Male.

Finalizing another shoot for my return to Florida. Aiming for early October with Scrappy, Joey Nux, Brian from WrestleFrat, Jaxton Wheeler, Igor, Angel, Max Ryder, Chet Chastain or some mix thereof. Anyone else you’d like to see?

Which reminds me, does anyone know where Viktor is these days? I’d like to bring him back!



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