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NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews on the offseason of trade rumors

Patrick Kane doesn’t read much into the trade rumors

Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane said yesterday that there hasn’t been much going on at all.

“You pay attention to it a little bit at first, and then you kind of just block it out,” Kane said. “I think a lot of the rumors are just rumors. Maybe people looking for things to talk about in August when nothing’s really going on with hockey, right?”

Kane knows that he has a year left on his contract and the Blackhawks are in a full rebuild. He’s spoken with management about his future and the organization’s future.

“There hasn’t been much discussion about anything, even with my agent or my parents or my family,” the 33-year-old winger said. “We all know the situation… what could potentially happen. It’s not really anything I’m thinking about as of yet. So we’ll see how it all plays out.

Charlie Roumeliotis: Kane on the idea of possibly playing for another team: “It’s not really something I’ve thought of or anything I’m thinking about right now. … It’s just a lot of noise right now.”

Ben Pope: Kane thinks all the trade rumors are baseless: “I don’t think there have been any legitimate discussions between other teams and the Blackhawks.”

Jonathan Toews isn’t thinking about trade rumors for now

Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun-Times: Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews said that he did speak with his family and agent about the possibility of a trade, but admits those talks weren’t that serious.

“I don’t think anything’s gotten to that point, or even close to it,” Toews said. “I don’t think it will for quite some time this season. The thought for myself personally has always been to keep trudging forward and getting better.

“Obviously it would be fun to be on a winning team and live that dream again, but I’m not letting my mind get there now.”



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