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How to Get the Most from a Golf School

Before I started teaching golf schools I used to think there would be too much information dumped on the student. They couldn’t possibly absorb all this STUFF! Thankfully, my experience has been completely the opposite. I have had more success with my Three Day Golf School than just about any other form of teaching I do. Why is that you might ask? I believe the reason is due to the fact that the golfer gets to hear the same theme and concept for three straight days versus just for an hour here and there. They simply cannot escape the fact that their coaches will not let them get away with the “old” version of their game and as a result the upgrades start to take hold.

Should you decide to attend a Golf School, above all else enjoy yourself. What could be better than a golf education vacation? Book some great restaurants and be sure to interact and chat with the like-minded folks who have joined you in the school. It will only make for a memorable and effective experience.

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