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Hammer Envy Bowling Ball Review

The Envy sets the bar for total hook in the Hammer line. It uses the new asymmetrical Launcher core design and the new Envy Solid coverstock, finished at 500/1500 SiaAir. This core shape offers a large amount of flare potential, while the dull solid cover provides plenty of traction for all styles of bowlers. With more hook than the 3-D Offset or any other ball in the current Hammer line, the Envy is a great new option for heavy oil conditions.

Stroker loved the amount of recovery he had on the fresh heavy oil pattern with the Envy. It offered easy traction through the oil, allowing him to belly the ball out a bit and still bring it back to the pocket with ease. Strikes with the Envy were 2 pin leaves with the 3-D Offset from the same line. With more hook than the Dark Web, the Envy was his best option on this pattern until it transitioned enough to push him left of his comfort zone. At this point, it was better to shell-down than to play with the surface finish, given how good the Envy was for him on the fresh. On the medium pattern, Stroker could increase his speed and keep the Envy in the oil with very good results. It hooked a lot more than his Black Widow 2.0, and the extra back end motion from this pattern allowed Stroker to swing it more in transition than on the heavy oil condition. This allowed him to



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