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Grays Best Graphene Field Hockey Sticks of 2022 –

Today, Grays uses modern technology though still has a traditional factory in Cambridge. Still under the control of the Grays family, the company prides itself on innovation. This is vitally important to the brand, and to the many sporting stars that use their gear.

Wood and fiberglass seem to be relics of our past. Grays are the only hockey brand currently using graphene in their hockey sticks. The revolutionary material is seen as the super tough, flexible, and light material of the future by leaders of the industry. Are Grays on to something? According to billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, the answer is yes. He predicts graphene will be used to build airplanes and starships in the near future. He said:

“The material provides so much fascinating potential to improve the world around us.
It is super-light, immensely strong, transparent and flexible.

Grays International Brand Manager,  Hugo Youngman backs up Sir Richard’s sentiments:

Most of the male internationals would use a graphene stick because they are the most powerful we produce. Maximum power and performance is how we have earmarked that technology.

Let’s look at Grays 2022 Collection of Graphene sticks:



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