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EASY & Powerful Chess Opening for Beginners 2022

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Grandmaster's Positional Understanding chess course

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In today’s video lesson, I’d like to share with you one of the easiest chess openings to learn (especially for beginners). At the same time, it’s a powerful chess opening for White after 1.d4. It is the Stonewall Attack, which is characterized by White playing their pawns to d4, e3, Bd3, Nd2, and then playing pawns to c3 and then f4.

The Stonewall is a system where White heads for a very specific pawn formation, rather than trying to memorize long lines of different variations. White puts up the Stonewall formation regardless of how Black chooses to defend against it.

Watch the video lesson to learn the logical reasoning behind the moves, White’s main idea in this opening, middlegame plans, and a deadly trap that wins the game in just 12 moves!

Stonewall Attack chess opening

You can find the PGN of this opening below:



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